Random Ramblings

On Being 40

Next week I’ll be turning 41. I am enjoying my last few days of being 40. And I do find that I have enjoyed it. It’s such a milestone age, isn’t it? Some people dread it, some revel in it and some just roll with it. I’m probably in the latter category here, with perhaps …

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Boo’s Dream Horse

Ever since Boo was around two or three years old, she has loved horses. Ponies, unicorns, zebras, any variation on the equine theme really, though I’d say that her absolute favourites have always been zebras. She used to adore Madagascar when she was a toddler, watching it over and over, and Marty the zebra was …

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Little Man’s Dream Pet

What would your dream pet be? A beautiful blue French Bulldog? A cute ball of fluffy kitten? Perhaps something more unusual, a pygmy hippopotamus or a big cat? We have our lovely guinea pigs here, though when asked about dream pets, it’s nice to think about other animals we could have. I’ve always loved penguins, …

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