Our CBeebies Land Outing

Boo is a big fan of theme parks. Has been since she was about 18 months old, so we visit them fairly often. It seems Little Man is now taking after his big sister, too, as he does love a ride! So I’m sure you can imagine that the opening of Cbeebies Land was something eagerly anticipated here!

We visited a couple of weeks ago and I have mixed feelings about it. It looks fabulous, features many of the most popular characters and has plenty to see and do. But the queues!!! Now, we were there at the weekend, only a week after it had opened. I can only assume we were seeing it as it’s peak, so maybe if (when!) we go again, it will be better. The shortest queue we found had a 45 minute wait time, and the In The Night Garden ride and Postman Pat ride looked to be the most popular, both with wait times of 70 minutes. We did pop back at the end of the day in case it was improved, and it was – 60 minutes! Fortunately, the layout is such that you can see most of the rides and characters which kept the kids happy..

Alton Towers May 2014 012

Alton Towers May 2014 009

So, what can we do other than queue?! Well, there’s the shop to explore..

Alton Towers May 2014 010

The fun and exciting Charlie and Lola’s Moonsquirters and Green Drops..

Alton Towers May 2014 025

Alton Towers May 2014 031

A play kitchen where you can open cupboard doors repeatedly? Perfect for Little Man! And Boo loved the magnetic dress up in there.

And then there is Tree Fu Tom’s Training Camp….

Alton Towers May 2014 002

Alton Towers May 2014 001

Alton Towers May 2014 003

Alton Towers May 2014 007

Alton Towers May 2014 005

We spent a lot of time in that camp! I think this was their favourite thing.

Various characters can be met whilst strolling, and Boo was happy to hold a baby veggie!

boo with a baby veggie

We also strolled round the rest of Alton Towers, took in the fab aquarium that they had there and the kids walked and ran about. They loved their day out, and to be honest, seemed oblivious to the fact that they’d not been on a CBeebies Land ride! We are fortunate enough to live relatively close to it, so we will go back on a quieter day…!

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28 thoughts on “Our CBeebies Land Outing”

  1. That’s what bothers me-the waiting times. You can’t possibly wait for more than 20 minutes at an absolute push with little ones. I’d like to try and visit with my son in term time when maybe it’s quieter but we’re not that close and my eldest is at school so it’s not possible. It may be something we watch from afar for now.

  2. If only my daughter knew she could visit the Tomleboos house…!! I also didn’t know Alton Towers had an aquarium- something new every day!

    1. Ha ha – they peep up and down out of that tree – my son loved it! Yes, it’s lovely there and we didn’t have to queue!

  3. We love going, but only go once a year as we get the sun offer of 2 free tickets. We try and cram in as much as possible and we have been fairly lucky with queue times. We love the aquarium too, and the rapids x

    1. We’re normally fine, too, I think it was because it had only just opened. We do love a theme park trip 🙂

    1. It’s very well done, and there’s lot to see, and I’m sure they’ll get a handle on the queues soon enough x

  4. Definitely visit again 🙂 Although I hate theme park queues generally. The CBeebies land idea sounds great and I love all the characters – That baby veggie is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen though! x

  5. aww it does look great and like they had loads of fun. I bet Monkey would love it there but those queues do sound pretty bonkers! I hope they would be better on a quieter day, though actually I’m not sure how Monkey would get on at a theme park – he doesn’t even like it when a supermarket ride on makes a noise, let alone moves! We may wait till he;s a little older I think 🙂 xx #countrykids

    1. Oh no, maybe theme parks aren’t for him then! My two love them, and get ridiculously excited going on rides!

  6. A very popular place for families – although I don’t think I’d queue that long for a ride, maybe a return visit in quieter times! There certainly does seem to be lots to keep the children happy and entertained with all their favourite characters. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Yep, those queues were long! Luckily, my two loved that playground and running about anyway! Thanks for hosting x

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  8. My 2 year old would love CBeebies land – hopefully those queues will settle down soon as not sure she would cope with waiting so long. Glad you had a lovely day out even if you didn’t manage to go in the rides. Lovely photos.

  9. Definitely sounds like a return visit when it’s a bit quieter is called for 🙂 The boys love Storyland which is quite near us, and on busy days we’ve had to queue maybe 30mins for a ride, but I don’t think any of us would last an hour! It looks amazing, lots of favourite characters… I like the look of the Charlie and Lola house 🙂

    1. Yes, we will go back again at some point. Yes, we’ve queued for half an hour at places like Legoland, but an hour is a bit much. I liked that little house, too, and no queues to get in there! x

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