Celebrating Over 25 Years Together

It was our wedding anniversary last week, we celebrated 21 years of being married. We’ve been together for over 25 years now, more than half of our lifetimes. 

You wouldn’t think it, because that does sound like a lot of years when you say it, but that time has flown by. It doesn’t feel like that at all, but I can see how much younger we look in our wedding photos!

I still remember our first dates, our first home, our wedding day, so many wonderful holidays and trips, and all of those memories that have made up our time together. 

After 25 years, I still look forward to spending time with him. We love family time, but there’s something special about it being just the two of us from time to time. And when that happens, the years roll back and we aren’t mum and dad, we’re just us again. 

I can’t imagine my life without the Husband. He is at the centre of everything.

I’m not sure what is that makes us work together, as he’s many things that I am not. 

He loves coffee, hates tea. I love tea, hate coffee. He’s a perfectionist when I am decidedly slapdash. He prefers quiet, when I need music. He loves chocolate fudge cake (in fact all things, anything, chocolate) whereas I’d take an Eton Mess over that any day. He likes to play things safe, I enjoy a gamble and can be impulsive. His ‘things’ at school were always sport and art, pretty much the only two subjects I didn’t enjoy and was pretty bad at. He’s calm, holds everything in and rarely shouts, whilst I like to express my every thought, sometimes at a high volume! He’s a pessimist whilst I am a cheery optimist. He reads three or four books a year, in a good year. I think we all know that I read a tad more than that.

Yet it works. It just does. 

The Husband knows me like no-one else. He makes me laugh like no-one else, he makes me feel completely and utterly me. 

He’s seen me at my best and at my worst. 

We have been able to grow our family over the years and we have the best kids we could hope for. Sure, they drive us mad at times, but they are good, fun and healthy. We are lucky. 

As I look back over the last 25 years, I hope we get another 25 years together, and then some. I hope that we are the fortunate ones who have this.

I hope that we are in this for the long run, I hope to enjoy years and years more together. There are so many more adventures I want us to have together, and so many more nights in sitting in companionable silence. 

We have stuff to do.

We have travel plans for when it’s just the two of us again. We have activities we want to try together. We have lazy days we want to enjoy.

I can see them now.

The Husband’s a big fan of a daytime nap (I mean, with two kids and a full time job, how often do you think he gets to indulge in this?). I see him napping, whilst I am curled up with a good book, hot drinks and cakes at the ready for when he wakes up. It’s the simple things like this that I look forward to. 

Life with the Husband is all I know and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s been 25 good years and I want more. 


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8 thoughts on “Celebrating Over 25 Years Together”

  1. Congratulations Jocelyn, it’s a wonderful achievement. My hubby is also different to me as well but it also works. He’s a dreamer and I’m a practical person with my feet on the ground. I always describe us as him lifting me up towards La La land and I bring him back to earth – this way we meet in the middle. Yep, it works. ❤️

  2. Congratulations! This year we will celebrate our 16th anniversary and are very much each other’s opposites: I’m optimistic while he is not, I’m the sporty person while he is more into computers, I’m a social butterfly and he is more of a hermit…and yet it works. We balance each other. Who knew?

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