Celebrating World Book Day

If there’s a day that I can get behind, it’s World Book Day.

world book day

I think it’s a fabulous idea, with hundreds of bookshops all over the UK and Ireland getting involved with the charity, supported by publishers and National Book Tokens Ltd. They will be gifting the £1 book token to children in schools again this year, which they can use to pick up one of the ten specially commissioned books or they can redeem it against other fully priced books. Anything that gets kids reading and encourages interest and excitement around books is always going to be something that I can support.

It’s a reason to be taking a trip to a book shop, something that I love to do with the children. I like seeing them move excitedly from book to book until they finally settle on the one that they want. The one that they will take home with them and enjoy at bedtime that night and for many more nights to come.

This year, I’ll have myself an Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter for World Book Day…

World Book Day costumes

How cute? These are both Asda book character costumes , and they adore them. Alice in Wonderland comes with the dress, the clock bag and headband, Harry Potter is the hooded cape, glasses, scarf, and crucially for my son, the wand. Can you tell he’s excited?

Harry Potter costume


They are great quality costumes, and the characters instantly recognisable. I like that along with the dress and cape, there are the accessories that really set them off and the children love those little additions. And where would Alice be without her Alice band and Harry without his glasses? I know they are really keen to show their outfits off today.

The costumes and World Book Day have been a great example of getting them interested in more books. The kids haven’t yet read or seen Harry Potter, but they are now asking for me to share the stories with them. Boo received beautiful Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass books for Christmas so they have been out every night recently as she devours the tales.

It’s wonderful to see that by dressing up their imaginations take flight, just as they can and do with books themselves. They have enjoyed getting into characters, so I’ve heard all sorts of shenanigans taking place. They were last heard trying to ‘magic away’ our guinea pigs – poor little things!

As JK Rowling herself said “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

So very true.

Are you getting involved with World Book Day?

Disclosure: We were gifted the costumes by Asda

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