Chalkola markers

Chalkola Review & Competition

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Today I want to share with you some arty products that we have been enjoying using recently in our Chalkola review. We were sent a couple of fun boxes to explore from Chalkola, 40 Chalk Markers and 40 Acrylic Paint Markers, so let me share a little more about them with you and also offer you the chance to win them.

Chalkola markers


Chalkola’s philosophy is pretty simple: live a vibrant life. That was the inspiration behind their first ever products, a range of colourful and exciting chalk markers. They have now grown to become an arts and crafts brand with a range of products for you to explore.

Chalkola markers colours

Chalkola 40 Chalk Markers

With both of these boxes, the first thing that struck me was the huge range of colours included. 40 is a lot of different coloured markers!

The chalk markers come with lots of little blackboard type stickers and the kids absolutely went to town on these! They have them all over their bedrooms now with a huge variety of colours, messages and doodles.

To get started with these, you do need to give them a good shake and then keep pressing the nib down and then the ink begins to flow. It goes on very smoothly, whatever the surface, and I particularly like the range of metallic colours. 

Chalkola chalk markers

There are so many bright colours to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. 

They can be used on blackboards, whiteboards, chalkboards and windows and glass. And of course, paper. 

Chalkola chalk markers writing

Chalkola 40 Acrylic Paint Markers

Chalkola Acrylic Paint Markers open box

These write very smoothly and are so bold and vibrant. As with the chalk markers, you just need to give it a moment to get that ink flowing. 

Chalkola Acrylic Paint Markers

The acrylic paint markers are great for painting on rocks, wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, fabric, porcelain and glass. The kids have plans to paint rocks over the next break and scatter them about on our walks for people to find. 

They are non-toxic, water-based ink and it says low odour, though I can’t say I noticed any smell at all when using these. I was too busy playing with the pretty colours! 

They are fun sets to have that give us loads of options for arts and crafts projects over the coming months. And soooo many colours! 

Competition Time 

Now is your chance to win both of these boxes for yourself. To be in with a chance, enter using the rafflecopter below before the closing date 12am 31st March 2021. The competition is open to over 18 year olds, resident in either the UK or the USA only. Good luck! 

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What do you like about Chalkola markers? 

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post 

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258 thoughts on “Chalkola Review & Competition”

  1. blank

    That they can be used outdoors. I also like using chalk markers on the windows as they wipe clean really easily.

  2. blank
    gabrielle powell

    I love that they are so versatile, so can be used for many projects and tasks, and that they are non-toxic as well

  3. blank

    Lovely competition thank you! I love to use them at work, when I need to do my specials black boards, outside signs and table boards too! They just super handy, easy to wash off but yet rรฉsistant to rain!

  4. blank

    the quality and richness of the colours! looks so good – I can think of some art projects i’d like them for myself – but of course would share with my daughter too.

  5. blank

    That they are wipeable and water based so that sounds like they’ll be very easy to use again and again and if you get any on your clothes it’ll wash out.

  6. blank

    I love the variety of colours they come in. I like using them to organise things with my chalkboard labels and my boys love drawing with them.

  7. blank

    I love the fact that the kids can use these chalkola markers outside. Then I can just wash them away. Or wait until it rains

  8. blank

    i havent used these ones but in general i think crayola are the best, you know youre getting a good product when you buy them and they last a while

  9. blank

    I love the huge range of colours. I also wouldn’t have realised you can use them on windows or white boards. That would definitely open up some more fun options for my son’s homework.

  10. blank

    I love how versatile they are and that you can use them on so many different surfaces and also that they are washable which is perfect for the kids, they come in such stunning colours as well

  11. blank

    My little girl Daphne and I love anything crafty but my thoughts are that if we won we would love love love to do a nice announcement board for my baby Ophelia’s christening that we are waiting ever so patiently to organise ! Thanks for the chance x

  12. blank

    I love the look of chalkola markers, they would be amazing for my daughter. She breaks her chalks more than she draws with them at the moment!

  13. blank

    These look great, as a crafter I may have a little obsession with different types of pens, these look great and love the fact they show up on black surfaces. I’d love to decorate some pebbles with these, seal them and scatter them around the local area for people to find and spread some cheer.

  14. blank
    Kirsty Charleston

    washable so i dont have to worry if i make a mistake when writing with one and i dont have to worry about the kids drawing with them on so many different surfaces!

  15. blank

    I love the versatility! So many different surfaces they can be used on (and agree – what a fab range of colours)

  16. blank
    Stephanie Kirsch

    I love these! Theyโ€™d be great for where I work at the cafe, Iโ€™ve been busy working on my chalkboard skills

  17. blank

    Love the great range of colours and the fact that you can use them on all different types of surfaces, perfect for keeping our grandchildren entertained when they visit us again very soon. We have hundreds of stones in the garden so that should keep them happy for a few hours

  18. blank

    I love the range and brightness of the colours and the fact you can use them on different surfaces instead of just paper x

  19. blank
    Selena Longworth

    I live these. We have a giant chalkboard in our dining room. Normal small chalks don’t work well in little hands and break, giant pavement ones made a huge mess! These would be perfect โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸŒˆ

  20. blank

    They’re so bold and bright! They’re really awesome to decorate windows and mirrors with as it can be cleaned off ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. blank

    I love the range of colours and materials you can use them on, I would love to use them in my crafts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. blank

    They are non toxic which is fantastic. can easily be washed away and the way the colours have been named on the box is a huge plus – my daughter has problems with knowing what colour is what…. (learning disability) and to use a colour in a particular place..

  23. blank

    I love the range of colours, usually these type of markers come in packs of 6 or 8 – but 40 is amazing!

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