Character Breakfast at Cadbury World & Chocolate, Lots of Chocolate…

We were given entrance and dining free of charge in exchange for an honest review

We kicked the school holidays off in style by taking the kids over to Cadbury World on Saturday, starting our visit with a character breakfast.

We were all really looking forward to this. We are fortunate to get invited to quite a few days out, most of which we simply can’t make, but when I mentioned this one to the Husband there was no hesitation – the man loves chocolate! The kids were excited about meeting the characters and I loved the idea of kicking the day off with a hot breakfast, such a treat.

If you do choose to do this, you will find it is a really smooth process and actually gets you out of the morning rush. As you walk in at opening, there is a member of staff solely taking character dining reservations so she ticked us off her list and then we were taken through to our dining area. It was nice not to have to get in the queue and just skip it like this.

Our table was prepared for us and there were puzzle sheets and crayons to complete. You order your food when you make your booking so there is no waiting around on the day, drinks are served to you and your food is then brought out quite swiftly. There were only two other families there with us, along with a children’s birthday party.

There are several breakfast options to choose from. The Husband and I both chose a full English breakfast, Little Man went for a sausage and egg muffin and Boo opted for American pancakes with Cadbury chocolate sauce, bananas and cream. All breakfasts are served with a choice of orange juice, tea, coffee or hot chocolate. We went for juice and tea and coffee and then chased down our breakfasts with a hot chocolate each. We are told that they are made with melted down Cadbury chocolate buttons and they were so good! We all ate every single thing, the food was very good.

You get to meet the Cadbury Parrot, Bertie Bassett, Caramel Bunny and Freddo. They come in to the dining area one by one and they make their way to each table. It felt like just the right pace, as they didn’t hurry around so you felt you could chat and have photos with them, but then they moved on so you could continue eating and drinking.

It was such a fun, relaxed way to start our visit, and we were given chocolate, of course, just before we left. We were then fast tracked straight through into the main exhibition where more chocolatey adventures awaited us.

There are loads of different sections of the exhibition to see and enjoy. At the beginning, you are talked through the history of chocolate making, you get to learn all about Cadbury’s own journey and you are shown the chocolate making process. The historian in me loved learning all about Cadbury from its humble beginnings and how it grew over time and affected its workforce and society around it. The kids enjoyed being shaken like cocoa beans, yes, really!

We then moved through and had some fun with chocolate writing and chocolate tempering. I have no idea whether we were there at a busy or quiet time, it was a Saturday morning, but we had no problem walking up and having a go at these without feeling we had to rush it and move on.

In the chocolate making area, you are given little cups of chocolate sauce and get to choose your own toppings to swirl into it. This was definitely a hit! We could also see the process and there was a demonstration taking place to see it all in action.

There is a ride, called Cadabra, and I adore it. Yes, I have been on Disney World and Universal Studios rides, but this one is up there for me, I love it! Those little chocolatey cocoa beans are adorable, it just makes me smile all the way round. Have you been on it? Are you with me?

There’s a fascinating section called Advertising Avenue that takes you through the marketing over the years, and if you are as old as we are, it’s a real blast of nostalgia for you. I remember so many of the advertising campaigns, it’s amazing how well they get stuck into your head.

The exhibition ends by taking you into the world’s largest Cadbury shop. And yes, we made a few purchases.

After the exhibition, you make your way outside to more fun, as we took in the Bournville Experience, the African adventure play area, the 4D chocolate adventure and the Freddo Treasure Trove live stage show. The kids get to join in with this one, and it shows on the hour all afternoon, so don’t miss it.

We all had such a lovely time, and I do think that starting the day with the character dining really made it feel extra special, as well as making it all feel so much more relaxed. The kids have now asked that we can visit at least once a year, and yes, they’ll want to have breakfast every time!

Would this be something that your family would enjoy?

Disclosure: We were given entrance and dining free of charge in exchange for an honest review

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2 thoughts on “Character Breakfast at Cadbury World & Chocolate, Lots of Chocolate…”

  1. I think my family would love this. We’re all chocoholics!
    What a fab treat and a brilliant breakfast! I think I’d have to go for the American pancakes too. They look amazing. It sounds like you had a fantastic day. x

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