Charming Charlecote Park

We have renewed our National Trust membership, but until last weekend, we’d not used it this year. I was missing it, there’s something special about our NT outings. The children love to run freely, I enjoy roaming around the gardens, and then rummaging through the plants and book sales, and then there are the cakes. There always has to be a cake stop! Every one of our National Trust days out feels like an adventure, a peaceful, happy, family day. We all smile, we all feel a real sense of contentment in the surroundings. And so for our first one of the year, we chose an old favourite, Charlecote Park…..

It’s lovely to see Little Man out of his pushchair for our outings this year. He’s grown so much over the last few months, and he and his sister run and play together, exploring their new surroundings…

Charlecote Park March 2015 1

Charlecote Park March 2015 2

Charlecote Park March 2015 3

They both ran and ran and ran, laughing and making discoveries around every corner.

I liked taking in the little signs of spring…

Charlecote Park March 2015 7

Charlecote Park March 2015 9

I’d like to say we ambled around the house, but as is often the case, we raced around it, whilst the children hunted the cuddly foxes in there. They know there’s usually a trail of some sort in the houses that we visit and this is always a highlight for them…

Charlecote Park 4

Very occasionally, I can get Boo to stand still..

Charlecote Park March 2015 5

And after all of that running around, even fuelled by a chocolate brownie, Little Man needed a lift back to the car…

Charlecote Park March 2015 6

We had a great time, felt fully restored, and we’re eager to get to another National Trust site very soon.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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26 thoughts on “Charming Charlecote Park”

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      It is beautiful there, and yes, more than likely though I don’t get a chance to actually read about it while running after the kids!

  1. We went to Charlecote Park a couple of years ago after a visit to Stratford. It’s a lovely place for all the family. The red cyclamen I bought in the shop by the car park is still flowering!

  2. Little Man looks so grown up out of the pushchair! What a lovely place for them to run free, we are just beginning to use our membership too, they do make a lovely family day out,. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      He’s growing way too quickly now! They’re brilliant days out, and now I’m planning our next one 🙂

  3. Wonderful! 🙂

    I haven’t renewed my NT membership this year as I can’t drive more than half an hour with my dizzy migraines so even though Stella & I have walkies at Wicken Fen occasionally I just wasn’t getting my money’s worth at all. I love seeing your lovely photos and ‘sharing’ your day though 🙂 x

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