Does Your Child Know Road Safety?

Now that we’re out on the school run every day, road safety seems to be a constant talking point for Boo and I. It’s also the main reason that I continue to pop Little Man into his pushchair for it, as I’d fear having to watch the two of them at this time of day.

I don’t know about your kids’ school, but certainly at ours it’s mayhem there at drop off and pick up times. I do drive there, but park a little distance away so as not to get caught in the melee and madness and for us to stretch our legs. Cars mount the pavements, drive way too quickly in a bid to get into a space as they’re running late, block driveways, swing open doors without checking the pavement’s clear first – you know the sort of thing, as I’m suspecting we’ve all seen it. It’s only a short walk for us, but long enough for Boo to be desperate to run freely with her friends, particularly on the way home from school when she’s still high from her exciting day. But there are driveways and roads, and though she’s getting much better and seeing these dangers, when she’s with her friends, she gets too confident and runs too far, with it being tricky for me to chase her through the throngs with a pushchair. And so we talk about road safety again and again and again. It’s so important, and I need her to get this one.

Rental Cars have put together this road safety quiz for children, to help educate them and put their knowledge to the test. It’s just 10 questions long, Boo enjoyed doing it and it didn’t take us long to complete.

I’m hopeful that this has reinforced my messages and taught her more. How did you do?

Disclosure: This is a post in collaboration with Rental Cars but the words are all my own


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6 thoughts on “Does Your Child Know Road Safety?”

  1. At first (after getting 10/10) I thought this was a bit simple and then was surprised to note the average score was 73%, which is quite scary! With three young kids – two on bikes, one still on a scooter – I’m very keen about road safety. We’ve drilled all three of them in the basics – waiting for grown-ups at junctions then checking carefully before they cross – and they’re very good, but there’s always that little bit of paranoia knowing that it only takes one time. We’ve always tried not to smother them with excessive caution, but the temptation is always there!

    School run parking is one of my biggest bugbears (alongside idiots who park in disabled/child spaces because they’re too lazy). You would think that fellow parents would be more conscious of road safety than most – and most are – but there are just enough people who seem to think that being 50 yards and 30 seconds closer is more important than the risk they create by parking somewhere inappropriate. Some people really their heads examining …

    1. It is hard to get the balance. I want my daughter to have some freedom, but then I can panic at times, too!

      Oh yes, it winds me up. I have no idea why people need to get that bit closer risking lives in the process, yet they do every single day. Scary to see the driving sometimes.

  2. This is such an important topic. I recently posted about School Children Road Casualties being caused by parents and would love if you would give it a read (I can’t link to it in the Comment Luv for some reason). It’s such a shame that local council’s can’t afford to provide as much road safety education as they used to.

  3. That is fairly shocking that the average score on this was 73%. I guess that this quiz is aimed at children, and if that is the case, then fair enough. I have actually written about this topic before, a loooong time ago (‘Teach Your Kids This’). I was trying to bring to light (no pun intended) the importance of everyone in society to set an example to kids when they’re crossing the road. It is one thing us as parents educating them on the safe things to do, but when they look around and see everyone else behaving in a contradictory manner, it is really rather irritating. I always wait for the green man, and cross the road mindfully, regardless of whether I’m with my kids, because other children may be clocking what I am doing.

    It is really good to see this topic being covered more, because pedestrian injuries and deaths, particularly of children, are totally unnecessary and thoroughly preventable.

    1. You’re right, it needs us all to pull together to set examples on this one, and then to go over and over it with our kids, too. So important.

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