Childhood Memories

I spent a little time getting lost in Pinterest the other day (as can so easily happen), as I was creating a board full of My Childhood memories. With toys, music and TV programmes flooding into my mind – The Flumps anyone? – I was back there again.
I was fortunate to have had a very happy childhood. I was, and am, very close to my little brother. We spent seemingly endless days playing games (we still know all of the original Guess Who characters by name and can describe them – freaks our spouses out!), pond-dipping, walking in the park, in our make-believe worlds of ‘paint shops’ and ‘schools’ , or sitting on our beds, talking, waiting for the hour or so that it took to load up our computer games, only for it to have an error at the end (kids these days don’t know how easy they have it ;-)).


There I am. Over 30 years ago, in our back garden, of a house that I know we moved out of when I was coming up to four years old. I have flashes where I remember things there. My granddad playing with plasticine with me on our big dining room table. Christmas Top of the Pops on the TV, with a tree in the corner. Playing out in the garden, with my camera, it seems! Not much more, though. I was quite young. We moved and I have many more memories of that next home, until we moved for the final time, when I was 6, and so my memories are plentiful from then onwards, and my mum still lives in that house.

It got me thinking about my children. Up until now, though clearly I’ve wanted to make each day a happy and safe one for them, I’m not sure that they will be remembered by them in years to come. They are still very young. But I think Boo is just at an age where the fun that we have now, may make it’s mark. She’s going to be 4 this week. A big girl. I have memories dating back to then, and a few from before that, so she’s likely to, too. It almost feels like my job’s just become a bit more important.

I like to imagine that if my little Boo is blogging in 30 years time, she will be sharing how happy her childhood was, spent with her little brother. It’s something that I’ll be working towards making sure does happen each and every day…

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31 thoughts on “Childhood Memories”

  1. suzanne3childrenandit

    Absolutely, memories are so important aren’t they? I sincerely hope that all the effort I put into making my children’s childhood a happy one, will be remembered! I don’t remember much about mine – someone once told me that that is also the sign of a happy, care-free existence that was always on an even-keel – nothing majorly exciting or disastrous either way 🙂 x PS I still remember that Guess Who board and the flumps….but do you remember Bagpuss? (I’m a bit older than you!).

  2. What a wonderful post Jocelyn, such great childhood memories too. I’m totally with you on creating those for our children. I’m sure Boo will be sharing how happy her childhood is. It must be weird her turning 4, I hope she has a fabulous birthday. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. It feels like such an important and wonderful thing to do – it’s what we’re here for, I guess! I can’t believe she’s nearly 4, though she’s shooting up so looks 4 already! Thanks for hosting x

  3. Little brothers are fab! My childhood would have very much more boring without mine. I got a flashback of the smell of plasticine too reading this, happy memories 🙂 Following your cool childhood board on Pinterest, I have one too!

  4. I remember The Flumps I loved Bagpuss and the Clangers. I make a diary up for Monkey at the end of every year to record all the special things he’s done during the year, hopefully now he’s nearly 4 he might remember them one day too #PoCoLo

    1. That’s a lovely idea. I keep a journal that I write in on the night of the children’s birthdays each year, detailing their day & a round-up of the year. I like to think they’ll appreciate it one day! And yes, loved Bagpuss 🙂

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  6. What a lovely, lovely post Jocelyn, from so many angles. I remember well how we used to have the get volume just right when loading up computer games from cassettes (!) back in the day! It made a modem sound too! Perhaps your little Boo WILL be blogging (though it will have morphed into something else by then no doubt…) about it all 🙂 what a lovely thought…

  7. Ooh that’s quite a lot of responsibility that I hadn’t really thought about before! I feel like my earliest memories were from about the time that I started school too (with odd sporadic bits and bobs from earlier) so yes, this probably is the time to make the good times count! X

  8. Lovely- I think I had a very similar dress! My main memories are of space- eating peas off the stalk in the garden, water fights and hot sunny days!

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