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This is a first for #BringBackPaper, so I do hope that I can make it work for you. I want to run a children’s happy mail sign up as I receive so many requests from parents to find their kids’ pen pals. The reason that I don’t run pen pal sign ups for kids is that I really don’t like having their details and feeling responsible for their pen pal as I cannot possibly screen sign ups, so do be aware of that. However, I know that this could be a fun one, so this month I am running a one-off happy mail sign up. This is not to find regular ongoing pen pals, though of course it’s entirely up to you and your kids if you choose to keep on writing.

We are going for a one-off sign up as I appreciate that some children won’t want to commit to long term pen pals. I also don’t want to receive and share extra details such as children’s hobbies, I plan to just pair people up with address details.

With this activity, all that you need to do is send one letter/postcard/note/package to your child’s swap partner so that they get to receive some fun post.

I am quite sure that your children will have fun choosing whatever they want to send, and sending a little introductory note if they’d like to. It might be a letter, drawings, post cards, stickers, colouring-in sheets, books, whatever your child wants to send out.

The details I need:

To get involved, I will need a parent to email me at [email protected] with their child’s name, address and age, and whether they’d like to post within their own country or internationally. If siblings want to join in, just let me know their names and ages separately as they will be entered into the swap as separate sign ups. Please ensure all details are included on your email!

This sign up will close 25th July 2019, and I’ll pair people up throughout the month as I receive batches of emails. Please do only sign up if you can commit to posting something, as I’d hate for there to be any child let down by this one, imagine their little faces, I can’t bear it! So please, please do take responsibility for ensuring that you do get something sent out to your child’s partner.

What do you think? Would your child enjoy this?

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2 thoughts on “Children’s Happy Mail Sign Up”

  1. Oh this is a lovely idea, I would have loved this when I was a tween/teen and it’s especially lovely when these days when most things are done online, it may well be the first bit of post addressed to them that they ever receive.

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