Childs Farm Bath Range Give-Away

Have you heard of Childs Farm? It’s proving to be a hit in our household, particularly with Little Man. The kids do love all things farm-related, animals and tractors, and these short shows are fun. You can watch it on Cartoonito.

The Childs Farm cartoon centres around Radar the dog and his dynamic bunch of farmyard animal friends: Truffles; the ever-hungry pig, Bella; the dancing goat, Buster; the rather unusual pony, Peggy; the sporty duck, Mimi; the motherly mouse and Old Red the tractor. Whether on the beach competing to collect the prettiest seashell or being taught to dance at the farm, the gang learns that anyone can do anything if you give it a go, and have a little faith in yourself!

You can find out more about the show over on the Cartoonito website and you can watch an episode here..

The kids have been enjoying using the Childs Farm range of bath products over the past couple of weeks.

childs farm bath products

Here’s what Childs farm say for themselves:

All Childs Farm products continue to be as natural as possible – with over 98% natural ingredients – and they work too. There’s no point having a shampoo that leaves hair looking like mice have been nesting in it and impossible to comb! And every product uses Organic essential oils that are suitable for young skin, which aim to sooth and calm, whilst smelling as fresh and fruity as a summer breeze.

Childs Farm can offer:
– Mild, safe and kind for all skin
– Suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin
– Dermatologically tested and approved
– Paediatrician approved
– Suitable for newborns and upwards
– Over 98% natural and contains no parabens, mineral oils, SLS’s or artifical colours

So, what have we found? The bubbles smell gorgeous, and do fill up the bath nicely. The scent of the hand and body lotion is fruity sweet and does leave the skin nice and soft, rubs in easily and I’ve caught both kids putting it on themselves now, so they like it! The shampoo is not great on Boo’s hair, though kids shampoos often aren’t, but for Little Man it’s lovely. It lathers up well, doesn’t sting his eyes, and this little one does end up with silky soft locks…

Little Man Childs farm shampoo

We’re happy with it. I like knowing that the range is soft and gentle on their skin, and with the colder months coming up, they are prone to drying out. The children like the lotion, and as they now associate the products with the show, they like to use them even more.

The full range is available to buy at ChildsFarm, where there are plenty more products to choose from, and also Ocado, John Lewis, Boots, Waitrose and various pharmacists nationwide.

I do have 10 sets of the Childs Farm bath range to give away now, to 10 of my lucky readers. To be in with a chance of winning a set, just use the rafflecopter below. Open to UK residents only, and the competition closes 20th October 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Disclosure: I received the bath products FOC, but all words and opinions remain my own

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  4. I love Geese- my sister keeps them and they are great around the farmyard as a burglar alarm and postman chasers they also supply beautiful rich and creamy eggs- have a soft boiled goose egg in the morning is a great challenge- you are are still dippy dipping soldiers come lunch time!!!!

  5. My son always asks us if our next pet can be a horse…..not sure where exactly he’s planning on keeping it!

  6. I Love Piggy Wigs Best of all!!When I was Youger and started work I Had to walk past a Farm every day and Made Friends with a Pig who used to come to the fence I passed every day!!I Literally used to buy him a bag of apples every day to feed him on my way home!Yep he was always waiting for me to pass with his treat!!Or so I Liked to tell myself!!This Relationship went on for a Year,My Friends thought me stupid,but sadly one day he just never appeared again,I was gutted!!He probably ended up as bacon!!Awwwww I Still love Piggies to this day and even have little piggy ornaments in my Kitchen!!Sorry to Rabbit on,anyway I Love all your blogs and giveaways,Thanks a lot!!X BIG HUGS-“The mad Pig woman”

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