Our Christmas Break

We’ve had a lovely couple of weeks here. It’s been great having Boo at home from school, and the Husband’s only had to work for a few days over the fortnight, too, so we’ve had plenty of family time. I’ve also taken a fair bit of time off from blogging, which has been nice. Christmas was fun, and then we’ve had lots of leisurely days, playing with toys, watching movies, seeing family and browsing round the shops. Little Man has delighted in having his big sister around all the time, and so there have been endless giggles. And why play with the many, many new toys available, when you can just run up and down the hallway chasing each other or dance around the kitchen?! There’s been a lot of time spent doing that! But one gift in particular stands out as being popular so far…

The scooter. Boo had a Micro Scooter for her birthday and they’ve both loved playing on it, so it seemed the obvious choice to buy Little Man his own for Christmas. We made the right decision, it seems, as he loves it! We got him the blue one with the orange brake, as it’s the same one that one of his very favourite characters has, so it was fortunate that it did actually exist!

pip and posy The Super Scooter

They’d been scooting through the house for days, when we decided to actually get them outside with them! They loved it, with Boo taking off straight away, though Little Man had a few difficulties negotiating cambers and mud, which he’d not encountered before on the floors of our home!




But once he got the hang of it, they were off together…


I can see many weekends being spent like this from now on, and that’s absolutely fine with me. They’re happy, the park’s only a few minutes away and absolutely beautiful, and fresh air and exercise suits us all!

Hope you’ve had a good time, too? All back to normal on Monday, but until then, I’ll savour this weekend…

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48 thoughts on “Our Christmas Break”

  1. EJ’s got the same scooter and loves it too! Scooters have definitely been our saving grace on days when I just didn’t want to take the car out – and JJ is happy to go to school on his scooter but will moan endlessly if anyone suggests walking! I have a couple of posts like this from 2014 with lots of pics of my two happily scootering together! I bet Little Man will be a whizz soon – EJ is surprisingly nimble on his! X #countrykids

    1. A scooter makes everything more exciting! He’s fast in the house, so I think once he masters a bumpy road, he’ll be away! x

  2. Wish we had such a great path to scooter on. Country lanes are not quite so suitable. Good choice of present. I can see you spending many a happy time trying to keep up! Wishing you all a happy New Year.

    1. No, I don’t suppose they are, which is a shame. Oh yes, I see hours ahead of me like this! Thanks, and to you x

  3. Micro Scooters seem to be such a great activity for kids nowadays. I love that you got it to match his favourite characters scooter, I bet that made his day even better. It’s great that you managed to get outside for them to have a proper scoot around together and that your little man managed to get on okay with his. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

    1. He loves his scooter, and the fact that it’s just like Pip’s is fabulous! He was pretty handy with it, and I’ve a feeling he’s going to be really fast on it soon! x

  4. Happy new year! Micro-scooters are ace aren’t they? There’s nothing better sometimes then a lovely walk to the park to watch the kids playing and enjoying themselves. We can walk to our local park too and we practically live there 🙂 #countrykids

    1. Thanks, Merlinda, it was great, a rest all round for us. They are pretty comfortable on those scooters! x

  5. Looks like a successful present.

    Wish we had somewhere that we could easily scoot to. We have to get in the car and go to the park, so there’s not much point buying a decent scooter for the rare occasion it’ll get used. N does love his though.

    1. Very successful! The thing I like about the scooters is that they’re not big or heavy so I can pop them into the car easily to take off to whichever park we’re going to. They are fun.

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely break, and Monkey is so the same with running about the house like a little loon, chasing himself though I think ;). The scooters look great fun and I am sure they will be in use a lot this year! 🙂 xx

    1. We did, thank you. Oh, to run round crazily and it be normal! They’re fab – they’re actually on them in the house right now! xx

  7. My mum and dad got z one a few months ago and he’s like a little pro on it now. Scares me to bits as he tries to go really fast on it! I’ve loved these last two weeks so much I’ve been dreading switching my work laptop on. Urgh :). Happy new year to you!! cx

    1. They do go fast, don’t they?! Oh dear, yes, I’m not looking forward to normality returning tomorrow. Oh well, it has to happen! Happy New Year to you, too x

  8. Oh how nice! They’ve got one each 🙂 Now this is something little T hasn’t done in awhile, use her scooter! It must be gathering dust now in the shed. Must use it soon. Well not me, but little T 😉 #countrykids.

  9. They look like they’re having a fantastic time. It is nice to take a break from blogging and spend it with the family having little adventures x #countrykids

    1. It’s been lovely, and I’m sad to see the back of the holidays. I’ll make sure we have something fun lined up for next weekend to look forward to 🙂

  10. Hi Jocelyn, your children look so sweet together and it’s lovely that they get on so well. It is nice to see children getting out in the fresh air and moving and the scooters look nice and sturdy too.

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