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It is already December, it is all getting exciting now! I absolutely love Advent and Christmas and always have even before having the kids, though they definitely make it more magical for me. I like everything about it, even the planning and organising aspects which have been made even easier for me this year as I have my bullet journal. My beloved bullet journal.

Now if you’ve not heard me going on about how useful I find my bullet journal before, or more to the point, what a bullet journal actually is, then do pop over to Getting Started with a Bullet Journal to give you a better idea about it all.

Today I thought I’d share with you my bullet journal set up for this month, along with some ideas for Christmas spreads and collections.




As you can see, it is all about the festive washi tape! These are the spreads that I use each month, and I normally use a monthly review spread, too, though I have changed that this month so that it is all around Christmas.

I find the first spread, the monthly list and task area to be really useful at the start of each month to see what I need to and can achieve, and the snail mail section really helps me keep track of my happy mail.

I have been using a gratitude log for some time now and incorporated this into my bullet journal when I first started using it back in June. At the end of each day, this gives me pause to look back on it and note down 3 things that I have been grateful for that day. It’s a happy habit now, and I cannot imagine not doing this. To find out more about the benefits of doing this, do have a read of Why a Gratitude Journal is the Happiest Notebook You Will Ever Own.

The menus and meal planning spread is so practical for me, as I note down meals and anything I need to remember in the shopping that week, which allows me to plan ahead. I find this saves me time in the long run as well as money as nothing goes to waste.

Then these are the Christmas spreads and collections that I have so far…


Yes, I know my handwriting is appalling, the Husband frequently tells me so!

Christmas Memories: I plan to capture anything and everything about this month that stands out. So when the kids meet Santa, any elf antics that they’ve enjoyed, gazing at Christmas lights, the kids concerts and parties and so on.

Christmas TV, Films & Books: Oh, I so love a Christmas movie! The Husband and I always watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve and the kids and I have started watching various films such as Elf, The Santa Clause and The Grinch – we love them! So in this section I plan to note down any favourites, along with great Christmas TV and reads.

Christmas Presents: The ones that made us go ‘wow’, the ones that got played with the longest, the most unexpected, whatever takes my fancy!

Christmas Food: I may regret noting down all indulgences, but I am doing it anyway!


I then have a checklist area ready for tasks that I need to do over the next couple of weeks. This helps to organise my thoughts and I do enjoy marking each one off as I go.

I am also planning to add the following collections:

‘Christmas gifts received’, for the purposes of writing thank you notes.

‘Christmas Day’, a page dedicated to the day itself, to note down what we got up to and what made us smile.

‘Christmas to New Year’, as the Husband’s off over that week I’d like us to create a mini bucket list of what we’d all like to do and really cram in the fun and make the most of us all being home together.

I am looking forward to filling in so many of these collections, both as a means to collect memories and journal the festivities, as well as helping me stay organised and remain stress-free over the holidays so that I can just enjoy it.

What else would you add to your bullet journal at this time of year?

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Bullet Journal Spreads”

  1. I love your festive Washi tape! My bullet journal is seriously lacking in washi tape, I always forget to use it. It’s so good getting to see everyones December pages, I’ve added a few extras in this month too but I love your Christmas preparations page, I think I’ll add one of them in. It looks fab!

    1. Thank you! I love my Christmas washi! I have to use it as my drawing and doodling skills are non-existent so this brightens it all up!

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