Christmas Cards – Love Them or Loathe Them?

My kids are both now at school, at primary school. Which means that they both like to send every classmate and teacher a Christmas card. Which means that they get 30 back. 30. Each.

So there we have sixty cards that I need to find homes for, before even considering the cards that we all send to one another and those that we receive from family and friends.

Which comes to my only issue with Christmas cards. Where to put them all?! I might have been known to sometimes accidentally lose a few of the school cards when they arrive home. Just to thin out the crowds of them, you understand.

But a home without Christmas cards in December just doesn’t feel right to me. I know people send e-cards now, I understand the thinking around the time it takes to hand write every card, the expense of buying and sending cards, all the time knowing that these cards will just end up in a recycling box in a month’s time. I get that, I really do. Yet to me they are still an intrinsic part of the season.

I love choosing, writing and sending Christmas cards. Of course, I adore all things papery and this is the time of year that more people send snail mail than at any other time, so it’s right up my street. It makes me happy to pop a bundle of cards in the post. I like seeing the kids write theirs to their friends, and their excitement on the day that they get to take them in to the school post box.

I love popping to my postbox and finding a Christmas card in there. Sometimes from a good friend I saw just last week, other times the only contact that I have with people from year to year. It’s funny how Christmas cards are like that, they prompt you to think of friends afar that you somehow haven’t got round to seeing this year, again, but you still want them to know that you’re thinking of them and wish them well at this time of year.

For me, however outdated they are to some, even with the fact that I really do not have the room for them all, I sit firmly on the ‘love’ side of this fence. What about you?

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Cards – Love Them or Loathe Them?”

  1. Hi J.I send the odd one but I give money to charity instead of sending a lot. Consequently we probably receive a few less with of course I have no problem with as some people like you would always send them. I send an email, not an e-card and NOT a round robin to wish people a happy festive time. As for where to put the cards I do get, I put them between the books on the books shelf, that way you can see the front of all of them and they act as a decoration.

  2. Very mixed feelings. In the past, between two sets of workplace cards, add to that family and friends, we were looking at 180+ to send and then display. I picked out the prettiest for display, then arduously sellotaped some to a glass cabinet door, the rest ended up in a pretty wicker basket on the table for anyone to rummage through. The whole issue of the money and recycling is something I am to exhausted to even contemplate! I make a lot of my cards and the thought of them ending up in the bin is unbearable, but who can afford to keep on storing yet more handmade cards? Then, part of me says if you can’t remember people at Christmas, when can you? It’s a double edged sword for sure! I reckon it sets me back about £80 just in postage.

    1. Oh, I know! But as you say, it’s that showing you’re remembering people, even if it is once a year, that I like. It can get a bit much, though!

  3. I’m a *love* Christmas card person. I’ve only about ten this year so far – hopefully more will be in the post still to come! I also always do a Christmas letter (which people either love or hate), but it can be for me too, summing up our year and I put that into a scrapbook. I always keep a few of my favourite cards to do into my Christmas scrapbook, as well as the letters. My husband thinks cards are outdated, unsustainable and I spend too much at the post office…. I’ll keep on sending them!

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