Clever Ways To Decorate Your Home With Fairy Lights

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Ever since Edward Johnson put fairy lights on a Christmas tree in the 1870s a Christmas tradition was born. Each year we put twinkling lights around the tree to add a little magic to our homes, but there are more ways you can use fairy lights around Christmas that add a soft glow and a Christmassy feel.

Put them under cloche bell jars

Fairy lights placed under cloche bell jars are a great way to add a little sparkle to a fireplace or as a way of decorating the table without using candles. Use different sizes to add interest but stick to warm white bulbs that delicately catch the light.

Battery operated fairy lights work well within a cloche bell jar, especially if they’re on a wire that can be moulded to fit the jar, or add a combination of fairy lights and baubles in your chosen colour scheme.

Add them to a staircase

Adding a garland to a staircase will instantly add some Christmas glamour to your hallway. Thread fairy lights through the garland to add a soft glow and switch off the rest of the lights. Use florist wire or ribbon to hold the garland in place by wrapping it around the staircase.

A garland with faux holly, ivy and mistletoe really adds to the effect and adding baubles will help reflect the fairy lights glimmer.

Wrap them around a fireplace

Often overlooked in favour of the Christmas tree, the fireplace is the perfect place to add some Christmas sparkle. Whether you choose to go all out with a garland to match the staircase or go for something more understated like a singular sprig of holly. The mantelpiece is the focus of the living room and deserves some attention.

Simply place fairy lights on the mantelpiece against the wall, or around a mirror, thread them through a garland, or have them within the logs.

Entwined with a wreath

Nothing says Christmas has arrived quite like a Christmas wreath. Whether you choose to make your own, or buy one already assembled, entwining fairy lights around the wreath will make yours stand out from the crowd.

Use battery operated fairy lights and secure the pack with florist wire to the back.

Use them in your garden

Fairy lights aren’t just for decorating inside the home. Use them outside to bring some much needed warmth back to your garden.

They can be hung in the trees alongside large baubles or placed within flower pots to add a subtle evening glow, but make sure you choose fairy lights that are suitable for outdoor use.

However, you choose to illuminate your home this Christmas Cox & Cox have a fabulous selection of lights from traditional fairy lights to string lights in star, snowflake and reindeer silhouettes. Now all you need to decide is which ones to choose, and where you’ll place them.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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