Come Join the #BringBackPaper Club!

You may have spotted that I ran a pen pal sign up here recently. Well, it went down very well and I have to say I was a little surprised by just how many people did sign up for it. I’d imagined I would be receiving five or six people looking for pen pals, but it was a lot more than that! So much so that it did take me a few hours more than I’d anticipated to match everyone up, double check and then triple check that it all worked, before emailing everyone with their new pen pal details. But it was a labour of love.

I know that snail mail raises a smile. I know it’s a lovely hobby to have, I know how nice it is to glimpse a handwritten letter amongst junk mail. I know that I have played a very small part in getting people to put pen to paper again and connecting people across the globe.

So it got me thinking about what I do here and #BringBackPaper. I wonder whether I could do more.

I am passionate about this aspect of my blog, I am keen to get people reading more, from as young an age as possible, to be switching off from gadgets (I know, I know, I’m a blogger!) and colouring in, writing in journals, scrapbooking, sending happy mail out into the world. Getting creative, relaxing into paper and enjoying it. I thank so many of you for joining in with the many things I have run here, and the book and stationery swaps become more and more popular month on month.

Have your say

I want to create a community, where you feel you’re a part of this and can join in as when you want to. As such I have put together a very short survey asking for your take on what you’d like to see here. I’d love it if you could take a moment out of your busy day to tell me what you want….

Create your own user feedback survey

And I have then decided to create the #BringBackPaper club, which I am inviting you to join!

Come and join the bring back paper club! A club for stationery addicts, book worms, snail mailers and paper fans, open to all!

What’s the Bring Back Paper Club about?

It will revolve around celebrating and enjoying all things papery. To get involved, you’ll sign up to and receive a newsletter that will detail current swaps (stationery, books, post cards), pen pal sign ups, profile a ‘pen pal of the month’ a chance for one of you to put a shout-out for new pen pals, share stationery finds and products, and include a monthly book club, with a twist. In addition to this, I’ll share my papery posts and vlogs for the month, as well as links to pretty papery things I have seen elsewhere on the internet that I think you’ll love. So quite a lot! And I’m sure as with all things like this, other papery projects will soon grow out of it, so I want you folks to come and join in!

How do I join?


What do you think? Does this sound like something that you would like to be a part of? I hope to welcome you to the Bring Back Paper Club soon….

Bring Back Paper Club - Come and Join! A club for stationery addicts, book worms, snail mailers and paper fans, open to all!

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19 thoughts on “Come Join the #BringBackPaper Club!”

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  2. I cannot get the Bring Back Paper Club link to work. I tried several times to sign up but there seems to be a glitch with the “submit” button. Is there another way to sign up? Thanks for the help!

    1. Hello! I’ve just had a look on my subs list for you and it looks like you signed up in November, which may be why it’s not working as you’re already on there.

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