Companionable Choo Choos

I am fortunate as my two children get along well. They are excited to see each other every single morning – it never gets old! And they play well together most of the time. Now, I’m not saying they don’t have their moments, with occasional shouts and repeated yelled-out requests from each of them to ‘share’ – that’s a word that Little Man has learned quite early in life. He knows it to scream it at his sister, but not necessarily to actually apply it 😉

Anyhoo, here’s a moment that I enjoyed and cherished this week.

Little Man loves his trains. If I ask him what he’d like to play, he’ll often say ‘choo choo’. So, we set up a train track, and they both sat and played with it together, each in their own worlds, muttering away to themselves, yet playing along side each other so nicely. Little Man often asks for choo choos, but then destroys the track within seconds, which leads to a fair bit of consternation from Boo! But not this time. Nope, he played happily and so she played happily.

choo choos

Another sign that he’s growing up, and another moment where I realise how lucky I am to have two lovely children, who get along so well together. It was one of those stop and enjoy it times, that as parents we can often miss. I’m glad I spotted it.

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35 thoughts on “Companionable Choo Choos”

  1. These are such simple yet precious moments. I love to lie in bed listening to my two on the monitor in the morning when Missy G climbs into her brother’s cot and they play and read books till a scrap begins! #magicmoments

  2. Every time I see a photo of siblings looking so close, I feel a teeny tiny bit of envy. Wish my three-year-old had a sibling close to her age too. If only it were easy to get pregnant! #WhatsTheStory.

  3. We’ve got that train set and it’s a winner in our house too 🙂 So lovely that your two get on as well as they do, makes patenting much more enjoyable xx #MagicMoments

    1. It really does, I know. A close friend of mine has 2 kids that do not get on, so I see how fortunate I am! x

  4. what a magic moment to stop and enjoy indeed my lovely. So cute that they get along so well and playing together. It’s so nice to have two close in age isn’t it? I love watching my two grow and bond together. #whatsthestory

  5. Simple but really lovely moment. Trains are big in our house too. We can spend a whole hour just putting train tracks together. We have a few boxes now from Asda and Tesco and they all connect well together.

    1. They’re so much fun, aren’t they? I can only see them being played with more and more here, as Little Man grows.

  6. If I get the train set out at home it more often than not gets completely trashed! I’m looking forward to this age where they can play together x

  7. It is lovely when they play together. I’ve found the bickering has become more noticeable with my two as my son gets older and doesn’t necessarily want to be told what to do by his big sister 🙂

  8. I so recognise the companionable choo choos thing – definitely a favourite with my two as well, and yes, we are getting a bit less of the tears and frustrations of having a younger sibling knocking down whole stretches of railway line and bridge! #magicmoments

    1. It feels like such a breakthrough! He can still be destructive, but at least we get a little playing time before that happens!

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