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Have you heard of As they’re new to the UK, probably not, I hadn’t. But when they got in touch with me to share what they do I could see the appeal straightaway and how very useful their service can be. That’s why I want to tell you all about it today as I can see it being handy for so many of us, especially in the run-up to Christmas when gift money collections are taking place all over the UK.

Let me give you a little background about and an idea of how it works. It was founded in 2009 and is now the leading European service for online group money collection. It’s easy and secure interface allows anyone to create a money pot and invite other participants with the aim to finance any type of project. With Leetchi money pot you can turn your projects into a reality from buying group gifts (for birthdays, leaving dos, weddings, baby showers etc.), organising events to supporting charitable causes and much more!


According to the recent YouGov study, 1 in 3 Brits agree that money causes frequent issues between their friends and family. 36% of people say that discussing money with their friends makes them feel uncomfortable. 35% of people have encountered problems getting their money back when lending to their friends. Creating a money pot on for a group gift or project, and having everyone chip in individually, helps eliminate these inconvenient situations of chasing for and advancing the money. It makes everything so convenient and easy to access, too, with no need to have to collect cash in hands or share bank details with one another. It is all in one place at the click of a few buttons.

So how does it work?


In just a few clicks a user can create a personalised money pot online and invite their friends, family and other groups of people to contribute. Each person can chip in to a money pot simply using their bank card. Once the needed money has been raised, users can spend their money pot as they please: online on partner sites (100% free), ask for a bank transfer (2.9% fee for transfers above £2000 and 4% below) or offer the electronic money pot directly to the beneficiary. As they have just launched in the UK, they currently partner with Amazon as a partner site as they offer such a huge range of products.

I can see how useful this service can be and having had a good look around the website it’s simple to use. There are plenty of public projects there to support and get involved with, along with charities and good causes. The next time I am organising a group collection, I now know where to go!

What do you think? Could be useful for you?

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