Countdown Review & Giveaway

We have been playing the Countdown board game, so today I’ll share our thoughts on it with a review, along with offering one of you the chance to win a copy…


Countdown is one of the longest-running and most iconic quiz shows on British television.With its distinctive music and compulsive game-play, the show has recently been given a new lease of life – and audience – through the 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown adaptation on Channel 4. Now you can play along as the stars do and hope to achieve a nine letter word or the elusive target number before the 30 seconds expire.There’s also the Countdown Conundrum, where you need to be quick off the mark to spot the jumbled up word before your fellow contestants.And for a real feeling of “being there”, the familiar music will count you down so you don’t have to take your eyes off the page as you try to win the game that has become a true household name since it launched Channel 4 back in 1982.

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Also available from your friendly local game shop.

Game Play

If you’ve seen the show, then you will find playing this game is just like that. It follows the same format and so is easy to get into and play.

The box includes a board game, timer, cards for the letters and numbers rounds as well as several conundrums. There are then scoring pads and pencils along with a die to generate the numbers round total.

countdown numbers

You play four letters rounds, trying to score the longest word each time from the letters available, before moving onto the numbers round. Again, there are numbers selected and you throw the die three times to generate your three digit target number. You score if you gain the highest letter words and get closest to the number target in each round, the same as the show. You repeat these rounds, with the game culminating with the conundrum. This is cleverly done as you all look at the anagram, and when someone thinks they have it, they use the little red screen to check the correct answer.

countdown conundrum

Oh, and every round is done to the sound of the countdown timer, which adds authenticity and pressure to proceedings!

The Verdict

This game is just like the TV show and translates to a board game very well. I like that they have kept it true to the show and haven’t made any attempts to over complicate a straightforward and engaging game.

The recommended age is 8 years and up, though my 6 year old enjoyed joining in with us, too. For young children, it’s a great way to get them thinking about words, though the numbers round was too challenging for her. From an adults point of view, it’s a simple set up and the chances are that everyone you play with will understand how to play as how many of us have never watched Countdown?!

Though there is a score pad with several rounds, it is really up to you how long you choose to play this one for, making it versatile enough for a quick game or hours worth of play.

If you enjoy playing along to the TV show, then you’ll love playing this one at home.

Competition Time!

I now have a Countdown board game up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 26th September 2016. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What appeals to you about this game?

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239 thoughts on “Countdown Review & Giveaway”

  1. I like all board games, but prefer those where you have to use your brains and it’s not just left to the roll of the dice.

  2. having fun trying to play countdown, ive never done well when ive watched it on tv, maybe improve my ‘skills’ or lack thereof

  3. I love watching Countdown on the television, it’s a good way to exercise your brain. I would love this game for the same reason.

  4. My dad loves watching Countdown and after reading this post I reckon this would make a great birthday present for him.

  5. I love the show on tv every day and I know there would be many hours of fun by playing this,as well as keeping my brain fit and active

  6. I love the programme, especially 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown but I also love the fact that it is a game where you have to think so can be educational as well.

  7. watched it when i was young with my grandad in the 80s/90s so he woud be proud im doing so well watching it and understand it now

  8. The chance for the whole family to play with the kids practising their maths and spelling at the same time – WONDERFUL (oooooh a 9-letter word).

  9. OH My Word, I want this game so much! I love playing along when I watch on tv, and the 8 Out Of 10 Does Countdown is just my absolute favourite. I’ve always loved word and number games 😀

  10. I enjoy watching the show when I’m not working, but I do dreadfully. It would be nice to get some practice with it.

  11. I love word games and I love watching Countdown on TV but I am usually rubbish with the numbers aspect of the game x

  12. Jacki MacTaggart

    Sounds like a simple game for the whole family to play. Everyone enjoys countdown. My mum in law lives with us now as she has dementia-she’s 87 and loves Countdown-fingers crossed she might just be able to follow. ?

  13. I love watching the programme. The board game would almost be like being in the studio – only at home! – and better than shouting out answers at the TV screen, which I tend to do 🙂

  14. I only watch the ‘Cats’ version on TV but even from that I know just how great the game is for expanding your vocabulary. I reckon children will enjoy this just as much as the adults.

  15. I love the idea of this game, I cant believe it wasn’t out years ago. My partner would love to pay this as he thinks he is a genius when Countdown comes on!

  16. I used to love watching Countdown on TV and my nephew was on the Australian Countdown many moons ago. I’m sure the game will be just as interesting.

  17. Fun yet challenging enough to get that grey matter working properly! Think it would be a great way to spend an evening ! Dxx

  18. its a great educational game for the whole family and anything to educate my children whilst having fun has to be good

  19. What appeals to me about this game as unlike some board games it actually gets people having to concentrate instead of just moving pieces around a board.

  20. Michelle Hollingsbee

    Have loved watching Countdown since I was a young girl, I would play along with my nan. I’m not that great with the numbers but I’m pretty good with the conundrums! This would be great for getting my kids playing along too!

  21. It was a CONUNDRUM, should I enter this competition? I did the NUMBERS and they all added up so I put some WORDS in a comments box and will COUNTDOWN to the end of the competition.

  22. I used to love watching countdown on a lunch time with my mum when I lived at home. This would be a good laugh to bring out on family nights.

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  24. It’s a bit like scrabble but better as I like the mix of words and numbers, helps the kids with spelling and maths and they don’t even realise it ! 🙂 .x

  25. Looks great fun and sounds so like the TV format – this would make a great addition to our games nights. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. What will appeal to grandson is he will think he better at it than me, he thinks because you are older you are thick, wait and see

  27. What appeals to me is that it is easy to set up and easy to understand, so all 3 of my daughters should be able to play! We love watching Countdown so being able to play it ourselves would be really funny! I think this could be the game that the kids cant cheat and steal bits to make them the winner! 🙂

  28. I love the show as does my family especially my sister. It would be great to get this out at christmas and play together.

  29. I love countdown! I used to watch it with my nan after school waiting for my mum to come home from work. It brings back amazing memories for me of my nan xx

  30. I love Countdown, and especially love the 8 out of 10 Cats version! I always try to play along at home so an actual game would be really cool.

  31. I’m a huge countdown fan, right form the beginning with ”Twice nightly Whiteley” 😉 I rarely get to watch these days, but always whip out a pen and pad when I do and play along, I’m really quite good. I nearly applied to go on a few years ago but my anxiety wouldn’t let me, perhaps I’ll reconsider and apply ow…… Now there is a thought!

  32. That you can play along just like the programme without having to embarrass yourself on tv! We love Countdown, and I used to own the original version of the board game when it first came out many years ago (it was a bit different to this – nothing electronic, for a start!) so would love to own the “modern” version 🙂

  33. christine nicholson

    We enjoy watching the programme and always try and get the right answers. We could play it anytime if we had the game

  34. My mum has been watching countdown forever. Its how my eldest son learned his numbers n letters sat on grannys knee. only thing was he would say them like carol vorderman in an english accent. id love to win to play my mum for real

  35. love countdown. Love giving the brain a workout watching it. Despite loving comedy shows – not the biggest fan of 8 out of 10 cats does countdown though. Too many distractions (and camera panning away so the letters aren’t on the screen) stopping you playing along.

    Would love the game to play at home.

  36. My sister-in-law is an absolute beast at Scrabble, but not so good at Countdown. So I’d love a game we might be able to beat her at!

  37. It’s such a fun game to play on the tv, now to have a board game and to be able to test my intellect with my friends and family with this game would be amazing!!!

  38. I love the fact that it’s a good game for the whole family and you can make the game a s quick, or as long as you like.

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