As I like to on a Monday, I’m linking up today’s post with What’s the Story? and Magic Moments. I’m sharing a photo with you that was taken last summer, when Little Man was yet to make his appearance, hence him not getting in on the action!



Boo (and now Little Man) are very fortunate to have two wonderful cousins. As this photo probably indicates to you, they put up with pretty much anything that their bossy little cousin asks of them, and considering that they’re so much older than her (at the time of taking this, they were 10 and 16, to her 2), they play brilliantly with her and she absolutely adores them. We see them every week, and more often than that during school holidays.

This picture was taken when Boo suggested that they all go up and play in her bedroom, and after playing teddy bear’s picnics, the teddies got tired, so they all needed a nap. Now, Boo’s bed is a toddler sized bed, but as you can see, they all managed to squeeze in, making it a perfect photo opportunity for me and her auntie!

I think it’s lovely that all four children now have each other and do have a close relationship as cousins, in spite of the age gaps. I adore my nephews, and I know their auntie and uncle are quite fond of Boo and Little Man! It’s great to have these family moments, that I’ve no doubt they’ll appreciate and treasure as they grow up.


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20 thoughts on “Cousins”

  1. Lovely photo. I get on great with my cousins. We have so many memories of our days together when we were growing up!

  2. Lovely shot of them.
    Cousins have always been really important to me – my mom was one of 5, and they all had 5 children. We did so much together, going on holidays etc, and are still really close now.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yep, all in there – they do as she requests! They’re so patient with her, it’s a lovely relationship to see 🙂 Thanks for hosting x

  3. Special memories to treasure. We are staying in cousins in France this week and the photos of the children all together as babies and toddlers have come out. Cousins have a special bond which is lovely.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I know, we’re very lucky that they do all get on, and the boy’s are very patient with Boo. As soon as Little Man’s joining in the fun, too, it’ll be chaos!

  4. Fab photo and how lovely to know they’re so close with their cousins. Lucas adores all of his cousins too. I bet the boys will be rather protective of your girl too in a few years time!!! #whatsthestory

    1. Thanks – it’s a favourite photo 🙂 Do you know, that’s never occurred to me, but you’re probably right! Lovely thought that she’ll have them looking out for her 🙂

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