Crazy Claw Review & Giveaway

Today we are sharing our Crazy Claw Review.

We have received a new game from Drumond Park, brand new Crazy Claw….


The action-packed game of boiling balls and grabbing claws. Everyone knows the excitement of the arcade game: now find the right Toy Tokens in the bubbling balls and you win! While one player is the clawmaster, everyone else batters the paddles to bounce the balls around until the claw finally catches one. The balls contain Toy Tokens, and to win the game you must collect the 3 toys shown on your collection card.

(rrp £22.99, age 5+)

Crazy Claw Review

The initial set up of this game will take you around ten minutes as you’ll need to pop it together and put all of the stickers on.

I’d recommend not mentioning to the kids that you’re doing it and sneaking off elsewhere to get it all ready – so much easier!

You also need to put little tokens in each of the balls, so that’ll take a few minutes.

After this first time set up, it’s just a case of putting the cube up and placing the balls inside, so it is much faster then.


There is a plastic cube filled with plastic balls. Inside each ball is a token.

Each player has a collection card as you can see in the photos and the idea is to grab the balls that contain the corresponding tokens to fill your collection card up.

There are only three to get, though that is just the right amount of playing time as finding three can be tricky amongst all of those balls!


Each player takes a turn to control the claw and grab a ball. Whilst they’re trying to do that, the other players hit the paddles at the base to make the balls jump around.

Once a ball has been selected, it’s opened up to reveal the token inside.

If it matches one of the pictures on that player’s collection card, they keep it and play continues. If not, it is returned to the cube.

Crazy Claw

The winner is the player to fill their collection card first.

The Verdict

This is definitely a hit in our house. It’s quite unlike any other game we’ve played, which appeals.

The kids enjoy both hitting the paddles to put other players off and operating the claw.

The amount of times that they ask to play this tells me how much they love it and all grandparents have had to get involved when they’ve visited, too.

It’s simple to understand and moves quickly, and though the recommended age is 5 years and up, my just turned 4 year old can easily play it.

The only thing that can be a bit tricky is opening the balls themselves, though the more we’ve played this the easier they have become so we’re either getting better at it or the balls are getting a bit looser!

It’s a fun and pacy game that’s easy for all to play.

Competition Time!

I now have a Crazy Claw game up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 28th October 2016. Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: I am aware of some intermittent problems with leaving comments. If you attempt to do so but are unable to, your entry will still count, do not worry. Thanks for your patience. 

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What appeals to you about this game?

Disclosure: We received the game FOC for the purposes of this post

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198 thoughts on “Crazy Claw Review & Giveaway”

  1. Like arcade game which children seem to love, yet with a twist. Having to get particular balls so as to fill their card ( reminds me of Bingo). Seems like the children would be developing skills (hand – eye coordinationetc) whilst having lots of fun playing a game with their friends.

  2. I love that it’s so similar to those egg grabber games that my son loves. I would love to use this to make custom egg surprise treats for him. I can’t imagine anything he would enjoy more and it would be free to use rather than costing a pound or two each time!

  3. It’s different to the usual board games and I think it would keep kids (and adults) entertained for a while x

  4. Hopefully keep my daughter away from my pennies awhile trying to win teddys out the machine and I can’t ha looks I know my daughter would love it

  5. My niece loves playing on claw machines but they cost a lot with not much chance of winning so this would be great to keep her amused.

  6. This game looks like fun 🙂 I’d keep it so we could play it when my niece, nephew and friends’ children come over

  7. It just looks like so much fun. we always try these type of arcade games when out with the kids with no success so would love to play as a family at home

  8. I love the fact that with so many varied ages in the house we can all play and that the older members have no advantage over the younger ones. I am also happy with the fact it will keep them entertained for a decent amount of time being different from many of the other games available.

  9. Great fun for kids, parents and grandparents to play together, easy to understand and hours of fun with no monotony.

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  11. My daughter loves playing the large arcade versions of this, she might have a chance of winning something with this game!

  12. This reminds me of many unsuccessful attempts (both as a child and as a parent) at arcade ‘claw’ games. Hopefully in the comfort of my own home, I’ll be a little more successful! I’m sure my boys would love this.

  13. My daughter is nuts for the claw in the arcades, she would love this! this would be perfect for all ages at christmas

  14. I spend a fortune putting money into these sorts of machines to win a prize I don’t even really want that much on holiday. This was I can keep going till I win and all for free. Lovely… lol

  15. Caroline Williams

    My Kids love the grab machines at arcades but are always left disappointed when they don’t win. This looks like lots of fun and hopefully a greater chance of ‘winning’ 🙂

  16. I know my little one would love the fact that you have to open the balls to see the token inside, he loves things like that.

  17. I love the sound of this game as it will definitely help children’s dexterity as well as being such fun and so much cheaper than the real (expensive) arcade game!

  18. I love the look of this game as I think me and my daughter would have lots of fun playing this,my teenagers may even play too!

  19. It is a game that all ages can play and enjoy so my 2 year can play with my 12 year old, there’s not many games that they can enjoy together.

  20. There are different aspects to the game to keep it interesting for different age groups. Firstly trying to grab one then having to check what was inside to match up. Good idea

  21. The appeal for me is that it looks like something the whole family can enjoy, and takes me back to my childhood – who didn’t love those machines in the arcades 🙂

  22. Without sounding terribly inappropriate my son is obsessed with balls! He loves playing with all sizes and materials and Carrys a ball a lot of the time I think he would love this

  23. My girls request that we win them something on the claw machines whenever we visit the coast. I reckon they would love this game x

  24. Looks lik it would be good fun and keep my boy happy for ages he loves trying to play them in arcades and hopefully will give him a little practise x fanatstic prize fingers firmly crossed thanks for chance x

  25. love the look of this,we love playing grab machine at arcades,hopefully we would have more luck with this game 😉

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