Creating a Snuggly Living Room

During the summertime, I love having the doors ajar, tempting us out into the garden, the windows all open letting the fresh air breeze through, bringing in fresh flowers every few days from our cut-flower patch, and keeping the curtains open until late into the evening. The longer, warmer days make me want to stay up later, be outside, be more active.

And then comes autumn. As soon as the colder, darker days draw in, I just want to hunker down and hibernate!

So with the cooler nights most definitely on the way, I’ve been thinking about creating a cosy, snuggly living room. I’m thinking lush warm browns, sumptuous fabrics to sink into and moody lighting. We have quite a neutral living room, as regards wallpaper and carpet, which allows me to change the look quite easily with new accessories.

This is the type of look that I’m daydreaming about…

Cosy Living Room Ideas

I’d want a big snuggly sofa, with soft cushions to sink into. I love the big thick chunky rugs, and it would make sitting on the floor building Lego so much more enjoyable! I think lighting plays a big part in making a room feel comfortable, and I like to have table lamps dotted around, rather than using our main lights. We have little fairy lights around our fireplace now that we’ve not had on during the summer months, so they’ll soon be twinkling again.

And candles. I do love lighting candles as the darker nights roll in. I tend to go for Yankee Candles, and though I have more than enough to keep me going for the rest of the year, I suspect I’ll soon buy more. It is an addiction.

What are your top picks or ideas for creating a cosy space?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Furniture Village

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4 thoughts on “Creating a Snuggly Living Room”

  1. I am with you, Jocelyn, all about the snuggling now the evenings are cooler and darker. I have my sofas sorted but nothing else – need to get more table lamps (and tables!). It’s a lovely project to work on though.

  2. I adore the snuggliness (is that even a proper word?) of autumn – it’s my favourite time of the year, and I love making the living room extra cosy round about now too.

    I love to have throws and blankets hanging off the back of the sofa and armchair, ready to snuggle under when it turns cooler.

    I adore the lamp you featured in the post! Xxx

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