CRU Kafe Review, Give Away & Discount Code

When I was offered the chance to review CRU Kafe coffee pods, I literally jumped at the chance. The Husband loves coffee, loves it! His parents bought him a lovely Krups coffee machine for his birthday a few years back, and it’s possibly the best, certainly most used, gift he’s ever had! He needs that morning coffee, especially on those mornings after a night of broken sleep with the little ones. He was rather pleased to be trying CRU Kafe coffee out for me, so here’s what he thought and some more information about them…

Their website tells us a little about CRU Kafe…
C_B&WWe only use 100% high altitude Arabica coffee, meaning CRU’s beans boast complex flavours that result from the extremes of sunny hot days and cool, brisk nights. The outcome is a coffee unlike any other. You wont see cheap Robusta beans in our coffee either – which many commercial roasters use to bulk out cheaper blends.

CRU is partnered with some of the most specialised producers in areas recognised for growing the world’s best coffee, including an Ethiopian collective, a Peruvian cooperative, and a community estate in India. All of our partners employ traditional and certified organic farming methods, which means no nasty chemicals or fertilizers, no aggressive farming practices, and only 100% natural ingredients.

And so the lovely people at CRU Kafe sent us this…

cru kafe

They fit in the Krups machine perfectly. They are also recyclable pods, and the team at CRU Kafe are currently looking for ways to make them biodegradable.

cru kafe 1

And the taste? Hurrah, it’s good! It has a nice frothy top on it and it can be an espresso or a lungo. It tastes smooth, with a fruity undertone, and is a lovely way to start his day.

cru kafe 2

You can choose various subscription packages, with the right to cancel at any time, starting from 24 pods per month, for £10 including P&P.

I’m delighted to now have 2 great offers for you, in conjunction with CRU Kafe. I have an exclusive discount code, which entitles you to 20% off your first order placed with them, and can be redeemed until 31st August 2014. Simply use the code ‘JocelynLovesCRU‘ at checkout. AND, I’ve a give away- hooray!

The winner of the competition will have the choice between 1 kg of coffee beans or 60 pods according to whether they have a Nespresso machine or not. That’s a lot of lovely coffee up for grabs! If you’d like to be in with a chance, simply use the rafflecopter below. Open to UK entrants only, closes 25th August 2014. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: We received a free sample, for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own (and the Husband’s)

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212 thoughts on “CRU Kafe Review, Give Away & Discount Code”

  1. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    I don’t enjoy coffee but my partner loves it and he would drink it all the time if he could 🙂 so I would love to win this for him to enjoy x

  2. I love to blend organic fair-trade black coffee with coconut oil and grass fed butter to make a bullet proof coffee – sounds gross but it looks and taste like a latte, but with health benefits!! I have one when I first get up and sometimes another later in the morning, but without the butter!

  3. Sitting writing this drinking a nice steaming mug of java. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a rich, smokey caffeine hit from a cup of black coffee!

  4. Miss Tracy Hanson

    In the bath when no-one else is in the house. Or just when it’s time to myself and enjoy a nice drink of coffee in peace. 🙂

  5. Helen Partington

    I have a Nespresso machine which is amazing. I am always on the look out for new flavours and it looks like these will be amazing.

  6. Anytime of the day! I’ve recently taken to iced coffees in this hot weather and I could drink them any time 🙂

  7. I agree with Rachel B above – somewhere quiet with a good book. Alternatively I also enjoy a good coffee after dinner curled up on the sofa with my hubby (who is probably more of a caffeine addict than I!).

  8. There’s something special about my first coffee at work, just before everything gets going – no interruptions from kiddies and collegues. yup, that’s my favourite one

  9. YOLANDA (yoey) DAVIS

    At about 11am, every day, when I treat myself to a lovely creamy latte and a couple of biscuits. Then I find somewhere quiet, drink my coffee and read for a while before getting back to work.

  10. bridie summersgill

    has to be on a weekend morning when my husband’s home and he gets up to make coffee, and you can smell it right through the house

  11. At 5.30 in the morning, while the rest of the house is fast asleep, (even the dog) I like to have an hour or so all to myself with a good quality, strong coffee.

    And then I’m ready for the morning chaos! 🙂

  12. My first cup when I wake up in the morning – I can usually enjoy it in peace if none of the children wake up!

  13. I love a coffee first thing in the morning around 7.00am. A good strong cup of coffee wakes me up to cope with my family !!!

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