My Daughter, the Schoolgirl

My daughter, the schoolgirl. How has this happened already?!

My little Boo is no longer at home with me all day, she is now a schoolgirl. She spent a few afternoons there last week getting used to it, and from today, she is there full time. I feel kind of lost, to tell you the truth. Yes, I still have my Little Man at home with me, and we are enrolled to start several new classes and groups together this month, but it still feels so odd not to have my big baby with me, too. I know we’ll get used to it, get ourselves into new routines and habits, and I’m sure I’ve plenty of fun and learns ahead of me with my Little Man, who is nothing like his big sister! I suspect the days will fly by, and it’ll be half term in no time.

I wrote about our journey until this point last week, and when I look back over it, I’ve obviously seen so many changes in Boo over nearly 5 years, and yet, it feels like it’s happened in the blink of an eye. And now she’s at school, enjoying it and changing more every day, already. She seems so grown up, and I know she will thrive in a classroom, surrounded by new friends and play and learning materials all day long.

So aside from the sadness of having her apart from me and the excitement of seeing her embark on this new chapter, my overridingย emotion is one of pride. My girl is now a schoolgirl, and most importantly, she’s happy to be so.

boo starting school

Long may this love of school last, and here’s to our new adventures – for her as the schoolgirl, for me as the school mum!

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    Great that she’s enjoying school so far. I think that’s one of the biggest worries for parents (at least, it was for me), that their kids will integrate and enjoy the experience. After all, it’s going to be such a big part of their lives for so many years to come! Our middle child starts school this week – he’s a bit uncertain at the moment (he doesn’t like change), but fingers crossed …

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      Yes, you definitely want them to enjoy the whole experience and have fun each day. I do hope your son gets on well once he’s settled in then x

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    I was going to write something like this later today too, Little 1 is at school until 1.30pm for the next 2 weeks and then full time, I am feeling a little lost and lonely today despite having Little 2 at home with me, we have been shopping, post office, played trains, done drawing and washing today yet still i feel empty! Such a wierd feeling like she doesn’t need me anymore. Little 2 starts playgroup next week just a couple of afternoons, what am I going to do alone!!

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      It is such a strange feeling when you’re so used to having them around most of the time. Oh, I’ve no doubt she still needs you, she’s just not there relying on you 24/7 any more. I hope she enjoys it and that you manage to make the mos of your free hours, too! x

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    She looks so much like a “big” girl now, not so little anymore. While we’re happy and excited for them, it’s a bit sad isn’t it? I do miss little T when she’s at school. At the moment though, we’ve decided for her to go only in the mornings (she just turned 4 you see). We’re leaving the decision to go full-time with her #whatsthestory.

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    What a lovely picture. Reaching school age etc is and should be a natural progression, which can be planned and prepared for. It is a big step, and change for all involved. Nice to think of it as an adventure. An experience to enjoy and record, as it too can pass so quickly.

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    It’s so lovely to hear that she’s really enjoying school and her excited happy face says it all. I hope the new adjustments are easy to settle into and this next chapter in your lives are filled with brilliant stories and after school fun x

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    She looks so grown up and happy so you have done something very right.
    As my late Dad said not long before he died “Life changes” – it does not stop and I guess there are joys and challenges at each point.

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    This post really resonates with me today as my daughter Lili had her first day at school too. It’s such a special occasion and a real important milestone in their little life. No longer a baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Where did the time go? She’ll now spend most of her waking hours at school… still feeling emotional, as you can tell.


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      It’s a huge deal, though Boo seems to be taking it in her stride. It must be us mums who think of it more than them! And yes, I get like that, too. Hope she enjoys it and you adjust soon x

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    Ah this is lovely and so you should be proud – she looks very ready! I’m sure she will throw herself into school life and embrace every challenge. This would be a great post for #loudnproud this week – Thursday over at Mum of Three World this week ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Gosh she really does look so grown up! I’m sure she’ll settle in brilliantly, though it must be a huge change for all of you. Enjoy the time with your little man ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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    Life at the Little Wood

    Oh Jocelyn, she is so cute in her wee uniform! I hope the first day went ok for you both, and she’s settling in well. It’s such a big milestone, and one I’m going through for the last time too. It’s hard on us mums! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs to you lovely xx

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      She loves it there, and bounds in and out of that place every day! It’s huge first or last time, and yes, it seems the hardest on us mums. Thank you xx

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