Our Day Out At Charlecote Park

We popped down the motorway to another new National Trust property at the weekend, Charlecote Park (well, it was new to us, it’s been their since the 12th century, so not all that ‘new’!).

On walking through reception, you then go back outside and across a road, and commence the lovely walk down to the property, complete with muddy puddles to play in…

Charlecote Park Mar14 003a

It’s a beautiful view of the house and outbuildings, but we also got to see the herd of fallow deer they have grazing there..

Charlecote Park Mar14 002a

On arrival, it was time for lunch, so were straight off to the lovely orangery restaurant they have there. I had a rather delicious sausage roll ;-). Then we were back out exploring the grounds…

Charlecote outside

And the house, which including a ‘hunt the lamb in every room’ hunt, which Boo took to with gusto!

Charelcote house

They also have lots of outbuildings, with a second hand bookshop (always makes me happy to stumble across these!), a ‘laundry’ and a ‘Victorian kitchen’…

victorian kitchens

It rained the whole time we were there, and I’m not going to lie, it was winding me up! I really hope sometime soon, I’ll be sharing some sunnier pics with you, and I won’t have a rain-soaked camera throughout the trip and all of our hoods up so you can barely see our faces! And to top it off, Little Man hates his rain cover. Hates it. He tries to break out..

Charlecote Park Mar14 051a

Weather aside, it was a truly lovely place, and one we’ll be certain to return to. We’re thinking this may be our place of choice for the Easter Egg hunt, so we will be back. Here’s hoping our next trip out update is a dry one!

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27 thoughts on “Our Day Out At Charlecote Park”

  1. My little boy hates his rain cover too so I sympathise! The Easter egg hunts are great fun and I’m definitely with you on keeping everything crossed that the weather improves so we can spend more time outdoors and not get wet.

  2. It’s such a shame it was a wet day but it did give you a chance to explore the beautiful house and take part in the lamb hunt, with Spring on the way I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for a return visit. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Well, it looks like a lovely day, despite the rain! It would be nice to be able to enjoy some sunshine though 🙂 You have my sympathies on the rain cover, the wee girl loathes hers too! But, it’s a must at the moment as a wind break 🙂

    1. It looks like it might actually be sunny tomorrow, so we plan to capitalise on it! I don’t even use the rain cover if I can help it, as he tries to push it off, but it was needed!

  4. Oh rain covers. I think between children and the dogs, we went through so many. Least its a bit drier this weekend. Still, looks like you made the most of it. #CountryKids

    1. They’re a nightmare! Yes, we still got out there, and funnily enough, we’re just discussing where to go tomorrow to make the most of some sunshine!

  5. What a fantastic place! It looks amazing! I can’t believe it rained on you though, you seem to have the worst luck with rain on your days out! Bless little man with the rain cover, Monkey has always hated his too so we gave up on it! Hope you have been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend! xx #countrykids

    1. Oh yes, do! We only joined at Christmas, and we’ve already visited several places. We had a great day at one today, and both of us commented how much more we’re making of our weekends now – just lovely family time in beautiful surroundings, and free! (Membership fee aside!)

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