Daydreaming About More Storage…

We live in an average-sized three bedroom semi-detached house. When we moved in it was just the Husband and I and as we’d moved from a 2 bedroom flat, it felt spacious! We had our bedroom, then a spare double guest bedroom, then a room that was essentially our dressing room. Downstairs, we extended the kitchen to a big open plan kitchen diner, and then converted the dining room into something of a games room. The Husband had a foosball table in there, darts board, I had bookcases (of course) and piles of games. But, oh, how things have changed!

There are now the four of us here, and the dog (he really doesn’t take up much space!), which means we no longer have a guest room, we actually have to house our own clothes in our bedroom, as Little Man has taken over our ‘dressing room’, and our playroom is now their playroom! I’m constantly looking for ways to better store things around here, and of course every time we have Christmas or a birthday, I have even more things to find homes for! It’d be safe to say that the Husband and I have de-cluttered and streamlined our own possessions as much as is humanly possible, so better storage solutions becomes my next step.

Is it sad to say that I’ve been fantasising over these options?! Urban Wardrobes got in touch with me about their fitted storage solutions, so I’ve been over there having a look around their website, and now, I want these things…

For the kids playroom, something like this all across the one wall..

traditional-fitted-bookckase urban wardrobes

Plenty of space there for the many books, toys and games that they have!

Oh, to have a home office like this.

home office Urban Wardrobes

Honestly, I just haven’t space for this, but what really appeals to me is how it’s all neatly behind the sliding doors, and the high gloss makes it so light and bright, too. I have long yearned for something like this!

Then think of my books and ever-growing stationery stash. It needs to go somewhere (and have a bit more room to grow) so I think something like this in the alcoves in the lounge would be perfect…

alcove cabinets Urban Wardrobes

I like the idea of it being fitted, as I feel it would make the most of every nook and cranny that we have available that way, and look sleek and bespoke. I like things to be tidy and organised, so these ideas do really appeal to me. And yes, this is written in collaboration with them, and yes they asked me to look at what they do there, but I am not joking about wanting it now!

What about you? Do you crave more storage in your home?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Urban Wardrobes

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12 thoughts on “Daydreaming About More Storage…”

  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    I don’t blame you for wanting them they are great and so neat and tidy. I am always longing for more storage space as well. When I first moved into my house five years ago it was just me and my girls. Once my husband moved in I lost half of my closet, my bedroom, my bathroom, and my garage. lol I hope you will be able to find a solution to your storage problems soon.


  2. Oh we are starting to investigate an extension and those fitted cupboards look fantastic! I’m off to look at their website and am crossing my fingers that they’re affordable! x

  3. Oh I love the first picture!
    I am currently in the process of a de-cluttering mammoth session. The children are taking over our entire house. I have just got a huge Ikea kallax bookcase for the conservatory for toys, but it’s hard with the toys and mine and my husband’s love of books…

    1. Oh yes, they do take over! I distinctly remember feeling I had loads of space, but my own space is gradually shrinking!

  4. Love those storage solution ideas – having fitted units like that and being able to store everything would be wonderful. We have a big shelving unit in our dining room which is great for storing lots of things including the children’s toys and are planning to do something similar in the lounge too.

    1. I find myself getting addicted to storage solutions! And I want them to look nice, of course, which is often the trickier task. Love all of these!

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