Dear Santa Letters

Now, as you know, I’m a huge fan of snail mail, and would love it if everyone sent a lovely handwritten note out every once in a while, as #BringBackPaper encourages. And what better time to get your kids doing that than now, when Santa is awaiting those Christmas lists?! So, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite ‘Dear Santa’ packs that I’ve spotted out there, along with a few free printables that I’ve found, too….

My top picks from the shops….

dear santa stationery

1. Etsy £3.90
2. Phoenix Trading £3.50 (this is the one Boo has for this year).
3. Etsy £3.88
4. Paperchase £2.75
5. Boots £2
6. Hobbycraft £2

I’m glad I already had Boo’s ready from when I was a trader, otherwise I think I’d have struggled to choose!

If you’d rather print your own out and save a few pounds, then I like these ones….

Dear Santa Letter, from Bird’s a Party
Dear Santa, Santa’s Beard
Dear Santa, from She Knows
Dear Santa, from Who Ate My Crayons
Dear Santa, from

Royal Mail ask that we send our letters to Santa by 6th December, and we can write to him at:
Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

Which ones do you like the most? Is this enough inspiration to get snail mailing now?

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16 thoughts on “Dear Santa Letters”

  1. What lovely sets! I do like the one from Paperchase….
    My girls have written so many letters to Santa this year….It’s the first year my eldest has had the writing and spelling skills to do so. So special x

  2. You can’t beat Paperchase really can you. I’m very lazy-we get the children to shout up the chimney (not sure I should be admitting this!) Lovely post with some fab research-bet you really struggled doing that 🙂 x

    1. Ha ha – that’s made me really laugh! I could not give up such an opportunity to have Boo write a letter, and she really enjoys doing it. Oh yes, the research part was a real drag..the things I do for my readers….! x

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  4. Oh these are lovely! And as Bunny scrawled a list on a scrap of paper the other day, I think she’d love to have the chance to write the list out properly on something far nicer. I think this might be the first advent challenge for us – which will just give us time to get it posted!
    Thanks for sharing (and the research!).

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