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I wasn’t blogging back when Little Man arrived in the world. If I had been, I’m quite certain that a post I would have written would have been about ‘sticky eyes’.

He was afflicted with them within 24 hours of being born, poor thing. A little in both eyes, but mainly his left. I was advised to wipe it with sterile water and cotton wool in the hospital, and I then continued to do so daily for around the first seven months of his life. That’s a lot of stickiness. Some mornings he couldn’t open that eye when he woke, and even when it wasn’t as bad, there was always something there. I was permanently boiling the kettle, but then I had to wait for it to cool, before I could tend to him. And then when I did, though he was of course quite used to it, he wasn’t keen on having soggy, dripping cotton wool wiped across him, rivulets of water running down his cheeks. Sometimes it took several attempts to remove the stickiness, too.

If you’ve had a baby with this, you’ll be nodding and knowing exactly what I’m on about! At the time, it was a big part of his daily care routine, I worried about them never getting any better, and if we were out and about, there wasn’t much I could do about it.

And oh how I wish that these Dentinox eye wipes had been about then! I would have so stocked up on them!

dentinox eye wipes

They’re a new product, and each wipe is sterile, individually wrapped, so ready to use immediately and can easily be taken out with you, too.

dentinox eye wipes 1

Each box contains 12 wipes and they can be used from birth. They’re much like baby wipes in their moistness, so they’re soft when swiping over his eye, but not ‘wet’ so no dripping down his face.

eye wiping

I think they’re a very handy, yet so simple product. If you’ve got a baby always suffering from gunk in his/her eyes, and perhaps getting distressed about it, these may well make life a little easier.

Disclaimer: I received this product free as part of a Britmums project, and have received compensation. As always, all words and opinions remain my own.

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