Dependable Gift Ideas for Dads On Father’s Day


Father’s Day will be here before you know it and chances are you haven’t even thought about what to get for dear old dad. The last thing your dad needs (or wants) is another tie, and as practical as they might be there’s just something wholly impersonal about a gift card or money. These are a few suggestions for what to find to the father in your life for his special day and how to make it one to remember.

Gifts for Grilling

It is a well-known fact that most men love both fire and meat! When you put the two together it’s a winning combination, and half the beauty of a grill is that it opens up an entire world of accessories to get for him as well. One article on affordable Father’s Day Gifts recommends an amazing BBQ Sword Skewer. And if you’re not into that there are lightsaber Star Wars tongs for fathers that are strong with the force, and plenty of fun aprons that say a lot more than “kiss the cook.”

Button-Down Shirts

If there’s one thing dads might not be particularly great about, it’s buying clothes. Between the job, the family, and everything else something has to fall by the wayside, and for fathers that thing is often fashion. That’s why for Father’s Day it can be thoughtful to get your dad something he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself – even if that something is as simple as a button-down shirt. We found loads of inspiration for a variety of shirts and styles on this site, with everything from sport shirts to polos that dad could wear to the office, around the house, or even while working in the yard. You know his wardrobe could probably stand an upgrade, and dad definitely isn’t about to do it himself.

Icemule Cooler

Every man loves a good cooler, right? With summer just around the corner and coinciding with Father’s Day, a cooler is the perfect one-two punch of a gift that is both thoughtful and seasonal. There’s a good chance that your dad is still using the same cooler he had back in university and there’s no way he’s going to throw that thing out. And you’d be shocked at how much a nice cooler can cost (those popular Yeti coolers can go for over £100, which is just crazy). This list of the best Father’s Day gifts recommends the Icemule Cooler, which is much more affordable with convenient wearable straps and waterproof material. This portable pack is perfect for a picnic, the beach or camping so you know he’ll get plenty of use out of it.

Something Homemade

And when in doubt, go for something homemade. If you’re a wife and mother looking for the right gift, few things mean more than something made by your children, whether it’s a card or a coat rack. The fact that you took the time to put something together will likely mean far more than any store bought gift, and if you really want you can also slip a gift card to his favourite sporting good store in with the homemade card made by the little ones. It really is the thought that counts and nothing is more thoughtful than something you and and the kids made yourselves.

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  1. I never have any idea what to get my OH as he always buys everything he wants! I sorted my Dad early with a posh lunch out when he visited last! Think I will go along the homemade route!

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