Develop Your Children’s Creativity With Fun Photography Tools

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We all want our children to be more successful, more progressive, and accomplish their goals in life. That’s why we teach them how to set the right priorities and to be independent and disciplined. However, sometimes we overlook an important part – helping them to think creatively and come up with new unconventional ideas. So it could be a fun idea to boost your kids’ creativity and introduce them to the world of technological progress and spend a great day together.

Our Idea in the Nutshell

Essentially, you need two things. Firstly, lots of photos! Browse your PC and smartphone and let your kids choose their favourite so that later, they can proudly hang them on their wall and remember this fun crafty day. Secondly, you will require software to spark your children’s creativity. However, the program needs to be entry-level, so that your kids won’t get frustrated and inevitably bored. So let’s take a step away from the famous Photoshop and give a try to something new.

Basic Online Tool vs. Extensive Program for Your PC

We have found two great tools for our purposes: an online option to add predesigned stickers and create fun art and a program for a PC that is easy to comprehend yet contains far more options to express one’s creativity.

Create Cute Fun Art with Canva

If you want to try out a great online tool, try Canva – a super easy program to add stickers to photos online. It can be exciting to browse through the myriads of cool and fun stickers: flowers, zodiac symbols, animals, rainbow, and many more. The program is so self-explanatory that you’ll barely need to contribute at all, you simply open an image in the program, choose a sticker, and drag and drop it to the picture. Your little ones could even spice up the images with various frames and clipart. The best part is that everything is customizable – you can change the colours, size, fonts, and texts.

You might find that your child puts a small crown to her head and makes herself look like a princess on her latest birthday picture. Or perhaps she’ll add a Superman sign to her T-shirt and put a cape to her back, so her ordinary family photo turns into a super heroic adventure.

Learn the Basics of Graphic Design with PhotoWorks

The PC program offers far more tools to express your children’s creativity. Your kids can add stickers to photos in PhotoWorks, learn some photo editing tricks, and acquire a great new skill. Let them choose one of the many cool layouts: a heart, cloud, arrow, or star and customize it with clipart and frames. Find a photo from a family holiday and add a cloud sticker with a text. What did your son think when he saw the ocean for the first time in his life? Your children will come up with some funny and adorable phrases to make the photo exciting.

Furthermore, kids will be happy to discover that this program also offers a big variety of editing tools. They can learn how to change the background by themselves, so your child could have a picture in the princess dress in front of the Eiffel Tower. The interface is very comprehensive, so they will probably master many tools very quickly: they could try out different tones and shadows, apply a vintage filter, and play Funhouse Mirror with Face Sculpt.

Graphic design is an amazing hobby for young children – it’s a great way to spark their creative thinking and give them a helpful new skill. Your children will definitely thank you in the future for encouraging them to be creative in finding new solutions. And maybe you will even inspire them to a career path – becoming a photographer, a graphic designer, or a web designer.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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