Different Ways to Add More Living Space to Your Home

The main reason why most people end up moving home is because they need more space. If you buy a home as a couple, there is a good chance that sooner or later children will come along and your one-bed flat will start to feel a bit cramped. The obvious solution in this instance is to upgrade to a two or three-bed family home, but what happens if your home is too small but you can’t afford to move?

The next best solution to a lack of space is to look at ways of adding extra room. If you need more living space, a conservatory is a cost effective solution. It costs less to build a small conservatory that it would do to construct a brick-built extension. With the right heating such as conservatory radiators from Economy Radiators, and a well-insulated roof, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use your conservatory all year round.


Conservatories are great for adding extra space, but unless you go for a high specification model, it will start to show its age within ten years or so. If you don’t plan on staying in your current home much beyond ten years, this won’t be a problem, but if you anticipate living there a lot longer, a full-blown extension might be a better solution to the space problem.

Home Extension

Single-storey extensions are useful if you need extra living space. You can add a new dining room on to a kitchen, or a games room adjoining the living room. Two-storey extensions will give you a further bedroom or two, or perhaps a new bathroom. Either way, you should consult with a builder or architect first to see what your options are and what the cost will be.

Different Ways to Add More Living Space to Your Home

It is always worth looking into contractor resource solutions whenever planning any work at home. 

Garage Conversion

Converting the garage is a popular choice for cash-strapped families in need of extra space. Most people only use the garage as a storage space, so once you get rid of all the junk, converting the space into a usable living room is not too difficult or costly. The garage door will have to be replaced with a window and insulation, heating, light and electrics will need to be added, but the job will cost less than building a full extension.

Cellar Conversion

If you are lucky enough to have a cellar, you have a golden opportunity to create further living space. Converting a cellar means you don’t lose any garden. As long as the space is fully waterproofed and well-lit, it will make a great home gym or kid’s play room.

Garden Buildings

Large timber garden buildings can be used as extra living space. Cheaper summer houses are only suitable for warm weather, but more expensive insulated structures are designed for all-year round use. You can even use them as a home office or guest bedroom.

Weigh up your choices before you make a final decision, and don’t forget to seek planning advice before making any major structural changes.

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