Dig In! Review & Giveaway

We have a new game here and we’ve been putting it to the test! We’ve been playing Dig In! from Drumond Park, and I also have a game up for grabs, so do read on…

A rocket!!! It’s the rocket!!! I got my rocket!!! Yes yes yes – aaargh!!! It’s a PENGUIN!!!

Dig and delve to complete your card – there are six crucial pieces to ferret out from the full-to-busting ‘Dig In’ bowl. Tricky, tricky… and we’ve not even mentioned the pop-up timer, which gives you just fifteen seconds of frantic rummaging before you’re done! Then it’s the pandemonium of the final round – forget ‘taking turns’ and just GO FOR IT, as all and sundry dive in for their missing pieces!

Simple, but incredibly addictive, Dig In is both hilarious and challenging; a whole new kind of game for kids of eight and over.

Dig In! Game

The first thing to say about this game, that I love, is how easy it is to set it up. Initially, it comes in the box with the pieces in a few plastic bags and the cards all attached to one another. It took me just a few minutes to have everything ready to play and the gameplay is so simple, it only needed a quick skim of the rules to get cracking. This is great when you have two children asking repeatedly to play!

After that initial set up, you do just keep it stored in the box all ready to go. You just grab the dish with the pieces in, select a card each and pop the timer out and you areย good to go.

It is so easyย to play, and though it is recommended for children aged eight and over, my four year old understands how to play this and can Dig In with us all! You each have a card with 6 items that you need to find in the dish. You take it in turns to find your pieces, with the timer on, using both hands. Once everyone has had a turn, you all dive in together, using just one hand, and the winner is then the first player to find all six pieces on their card.

It’s fast and frantic, and please do not mistake my saying that it’s easy to play to mean that it’s easy to find the pieces and win! They are all jumbled up in there so it can take some time to find them and once it’s a free-for-all and everyone’s hands are in the pot, it can get very tricky!

We all enjoy playing this one. Personally, it’s ease of setting up and clearing away is a plus for me, as well as it needing no batteries – I’m such a mum, aren’t I?! I like the simplicity of this, though it’s also a challenge for us all. You can play it for as long or as little as you have time for, which is also brilliant. The kids love the diving in part and my son likes to play with the pieces in between game-play! It’s definitely one for all ages, and the fact that it needs little explanation makes ย it an easy one to launch into with first-time players. A thumbs-up from us!


I now have a Dig In! game up for grabs for one lucky winner. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 18th April 2017. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about this game?

Disclosure: We received this game FOC for the purposes of this post

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173 thoughts on “Dig In! Review & Giveaway”

  1. I think the game looks fun, but my sons are dyspraxic so this will help with fine motor skills without them realising!

  2. It looks a fun game which all the family can play, and seems at the end it gives the children some excitement to finish

  3. My 4 year old can’t get involved with most of the board games but I think this ones easy enough to include him too

  4. As it’s quick and easy to set up and put away there’s so much more of a chance the family will get it out to play more often.

  5. It looks good for honing observation skill but more importantly one where old and young can have an equal rivalry.


    One thing that appeals to me about this game is how you need to find the exact piece your looking for

  7. Heather Morrison

    This game looks really fun. My son would love the organised colour collection. He loves making things right and grouping them together.

  8. It looks simple, but fun! Also, the fact that its a ‘real’ family game. No advantage for the older kids.

  9. Amanda Jayne Davis

    Just the family fun to be had and it will be equally has had for the adults to play has well has the kids

  10. I love the fact it’s great for all ages. Having three kids 14, 6 and 8 it’s hard to find games they can all play without an advantage for the older ones. Thank you for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. It appeals to me as I think all of my family will enjoy playing it and if they are happy then I am happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I like the fact that it doesn’t use any batteries, so many games do and I find myself frantically searching drawers for them .x

  13. Christina Palmer

    As it is easy to play it means my youngest Grandson can take part with his brothers so he isn’t left out with this game

  14. MICHELLE Stewart

    I like that it can be played with many different age ranges together and they are all at the same level

  15. I love the look of this game! It looks so much fun and a great alternative to many of the children’s games on the market!

  16. This looks like a great family game that people of all ages can play, would go down a treat in our house.

  17. We are very competitive on family game night so would love scrambling through all of the items to get them first!

  18. Michelle Cheeseman

    The kids love playing with mini figures so I am sure they would love this. Having no batteries is a bonus also!

  19. Trying to introduce games night to my daughters 11&15 and I’m sure this will be a fun and competitive way of spending time together as a family x

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