Dino-Mummy by Mark Sperring – Review

We cannot get enough of dinosaur books in this house, and I’m sure we’re not alone! So when this one arrived from Bloomsbury Publishing, we had to sit own and read it immediately!

Dino-MummyDino-Mummy by Mark Sperring

It’s not easy being a Dino-Mummy – especially when you have two roaring little dinos to take care of. But somehow Dino-Mummy makes everything look so easy . . .

Do you know a secret? I’m sure you dino-do!
It’s something rather special about a certain ‘you know who’!
From the moment that you wake up, she’s a sing-song superstar,

Singing out “Good morning!” with a dino “Tra la la!”

Dino-Mummy is AMAZING, and whether it’s morning, noon or night, she’s always on hand. After all, life in the dino family is just as fun (and chaotic) as ever.

Yes, Dino-Mummy is amazing! She can do anything and everything for her little dinosaurs. I do like this dedication to mummies everywhere, dinosaur or otherwise. It’s a fun read, with a lovely message about the jobs and tasks that mummies fulfil. It’s illustrated by the brilliant Sam Lloyd (we have quite a few of her books already) and every page is colourful and bursting with excitement. Both of the children enjoy this one, and it’s the perfect length to hold Little Man’s attention whilst still entertaining Boo. A thumbs up here 🙂

It’s out to buy now, and I believe there’s a Dino-Daddy coming next year, too, so we will be looking out for that one. Thanks, Bloomsbury!

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2 thoughts on “Dino-Mummy by Mark Sperring – Review”

  1. I’m not massively keen on gender specific toys/books BUT it’s lovely to see a more ‘girlie’ dinosaur book rather than the incredibly boyish dinosaur books! x

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