Have You Discovered School Reviewer?

Have you discovered School Reviewer? I have to say, I hadn’t heard of it until they got in touch with me, so today I’m introducing it to you as I’ve a feeling it could be really helpful to so many of you.


School Reviewer is the only site in the UK that not only gives parents the invaluable stats and knowledge about every UK school at every level, it also lets them know which homes fall into which catchment areas. It also allows parents to talk with other parents on school forums, both individually as single schools and nationally. It’s also the only site with walk through question by question downloadable videos for GCSE math’s, SATS and 11+ papers. The only one to show how a 100% A+ grade can be scored on all papers. It is the only site with a unique buy and sell section that allows parents to sell old, outgrown and no longer needed school items to other grateful parents and that is also at the same time financially beneficial to their schools. It is also the only site that is also recruiting tutors for free on its site so all parents will have access to the right and nearest tutors to help their children again through their educational journey.

It covers pretty much everything that you can think of surrounding your child’s education, from support and information in selecting a school, to providing forums for chat and buying and selling and then offering help over the education itself in the form of both tutors and exam paper walkthroughs. It aims to cover everything that you could possibly need. At the moment, the selling, reviews and forums sections look quiet, but they’re there ready to go and I think as word spreads about this site, they should build and become really useful additions.

On entering, you are invited to search for a school….


You are then given basic details, Ofsted result and a link to the school website. In addition to that there are academic results listed, the forums and buy and sell sections set up and then the catchment area heat map…


There is a catchment heat map for every school listed. This has been quite a hot topic for me lately, as I’ve a good friend who is really concerned about whether her son will be in the catchment area for the secondary school she wants, and if not, where he will be able to go. She’s spent a fair bit of time on the phone to the local authority investigating this, and this would have saved so much time. It’s really easy to use and every school in our local area is listed, so I’d imagine they have most of them covered there.

They have so much information over there, and I can see the exam paper sections being hugely beneficial. They offer a level of support that is not available elsewhere. For example, for Maths GCSEs, they are the only site with downloadable videos for each and every question. Filmed in class and animated for clarity, every child can see and learn to understand the question and how to answer that question perfectly. Every part of every question is explained in detail to show how maximum marks can be gained. Their mathematic consultant is a maths teacher at Surrey University who has over 30 years experience in teaching all levels of maths, and who currently sets and marks the national papers such as SATS and GCSE. The consultants involved with other parts of the website have similar credentials.


They plan to have the largest tutor database on one site in the UK. Parents will then be able to access tutors safely in their own local area for every conceivable topic or arrange online tutorage. They also have a free buy and sell area, so that items such as outgrown uniforms and no longer needed books can be listed on your own school’s unique selling platform. Buy and sell on the site and then drop off at school, meaning no postage, no hassle.

I have spent a fair bit time looking around the website and I can see it being a really valuable resource to parents. I hope that they do manage to get the word out sufficiently to build up the sections where parental interaction is required as I can see that being useful, though even without those elements, I think the exam paper access, tutor database, academic results and school catchment areas will make this a site well worth using. I’ll no doubt be coming back to it when it’s Boo’s time to consider the 11+ papers and then make decisions on her next school.

What do you think of School Reviewer?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, though opinions are my own

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