Disney Charades Review & Giveaway

We have been having fun playing a new game, Disney Charades, so today I’m sharing our review of it, along with offering one of you the chance to win a copy…

Disney Charades

Mime completely crazy Disney characters in Disney Charades! Are you ready to laugh? Draw an ‘I am’ card and a ‘Who’ card and roll the dice to see what combination of character and action you must impersonate. Your team has 1 minute to guess your Disney character and what they are doing. Players can mime and make noises. Your team can guess as many times as they like until they find the correct answers and score a point.

RRP £12.99

Also available from your friendly local game shop.

Game Play

The box contains cards, two dice, a timer and the instructions. It all comes in a small sturdy tin so ideal for taking out and about with you and storing away.

The set up is nice and easy with this one and suitable from ages 6 years and up.

You split the cards into two piles, the red ‘Who’ cards and the blue ‘I am’ cards, and then the players divide into two teams. Each team then takes it in turn to roll the dice and take both a red and blue card to mime for their fellow team members to guess before the timer runs out. The dice correspond to a character on the blue card and an action on the red card, so you need to mime the two things out.

As you can see from the cards pictured below, it will be something like ‘Tigger is surfing’ that you need to mime. If your team gets it, you keep the two cards and if the timer has yet to run out, you can pick up another two and continue miming. If your team only gets one thing, such as the surfing element but not Tigger, you don’t get to keep either cards.

The winning team is the one that has the most cards, once all cards have been played.

There are also several variations on the game play suggested within the instruction booklet, making this one fun and versatile.

Disney Charades cards

The Verdict

This is a great game for grabbing and playing with no set up time required and no need to play on for hours. If you play it until all of the cards are mimed, it is still only likely to take around ten to fifteen minutes, assuming you do have guessers that know their Disney! My daughter, sister-in-law and myself know our Disney quite well, so the character names came quickly to us. It does state in the rules that it’s OK if you’re unsure of the exact name, so can describe the character if the name eludes you. I think that’s a good feature to include so as not to frustrate players who are perhaps not quite as familiar with all of the films. On the whole, the characters are all well-known from high profile Disney movies.

My daughter is six and very quickly grasped how to play this and is able to do it as well, if not better, than us adults. She really enjoys it, and the way that the cards and dice work means that there are plenty of variations to mime out every time we play this.

It’s a fun game for young Disney fans, encouraging creativity and plenty of laughter.

Competition Time!

I now have a Disney Charades up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 5th September 2016. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about this game?

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184 thoughts on “Disney Charades Review & Giveaway”

  1. Charades is a classic game to play and these cards add a really fun Disney twist that the whole family can enjoy

  2. I love Disney and think this would be such a fun game. Though I’d probably give it to my sister in law for Christmas. I think she’d get even more use out of it.

  3. Leanne V Mckenna

    Charades can be a funny game to play, and it’s a boring game for kids (the generic style) so this makes it fun for everyone!

  4. it looks so entertaining and could keep the family entertained on rainy holiday days when they cant get out to play

  5. It’s disney! We are huge disney fans and this looks like a great game for children and adults! Can imagine playing this at christmas.

  6. This game appeals to me because I’ve got two young daughters who are as Disney mad as me! Oh, and a hubby who would be hilarious to play this with!! He doesn’t know anything about Disney characters even though he’s watched so many of the films hundreds of times!! ?

  7. Sharon stanley (@Shandy2008)

    This game could make my children the quietest they have EVER been and with 3 of them that’s not such a bad thing lol.

  8. Heather Morrison

    Disney is something the whole family knows so it saves confused faces when nanny tries to do a film for the kids on Christmas day that they’ve never heard of!

  9. I love the fact its based on disney characters! So much fun for parents and children since we grew up with the characters too.

  10. A fantastic idea for a great fun game that my 4 and 6 year old kids can play easily with mum and dad and the grandparents. The first 3-generations game that we can all play.

  11. A game that gets them not being on electronic device and play and communicate directly is what I like about the game.

  12. We love ‘normal’ charades so I think we’ll enjoy this one – we love being silly and acting the clues out!!!

  13. I love how it combines something that children know (Disney characters) with a classic game, I think this would be such a fun family game

  14. I love that it’s disney we are all massive disney fans in our house and i love that it is a twist on a lovable classic family game

  15. What appeals to me most is that ‘a family that plays together, stays together’ and there’s no better conversation starter than a good game of charades – it’s stops everybody sloping off to watch TV, play on consoles and tablets etc.

  16. My little girl is very into games at the moment and this looks very interactive and fun, and different to the usual hungry hippos that we usually play

  17. the kids would have the funniest time trying to act out each thing, sometimes when we play charades its hard for them to think up something quickly so these cards help that

  18. It seems like such good fun and makes it much easier than us having to think of suggestions as its always hard for the younger ones especially.

  19. We all love Disney and Charades is my all time favourite game, so the appeal for me is enormous! It would be a big hit with everyone

  20. I’m a huge Disney fan, and my friends are too,
    We could play this game to stop us feeling blue,
    Could take it with us on our next Disney trip,
    Whether it’s plane, train or Disney cruise ship!
    It looks so much fun with all the character choice,
    Will be fun to try act without using our voice,
    So it appeals to me lots as it looks tons of fun,
    I hope that I hear from you that I’ve won!

  21. We love Charades and this would be a brilliant alternative version considering we are all Disney addicts! The game looks such fun and I think me and my girls would have hours of fun and laughter playing this!

  22. The thing that appeals to me about the disney charades game has to be that it encourages families to spend time together playing a fun game.

  23. We playing this game, we try and make are own up, we are quite a large family so we have plenty of team members, it would be nice to have some titles already made up for us, we all like a good laugh.

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