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We are Disney dreaming here. I mean, it’s not unusual for us, but we do have some Disney trips coming up and I don’t think I’ve chatted much about them here so today I will share more!

Those of you who have been reading along for a while here will know that we enjoy Walt Disney World. We first took the kids in May 2018, stayed onsite at Port Orleans French Quarter and loved it. That was a 12 night trip, and we also visited the Universal parks. 

We then went again in February 2020, returning just before the world ground to a halt. That was a 13 night trip and we stayed onsite at Caribbean Beach Resort and just did Disney. 

Both were fabulous holidays, so it’s no surprise that the children are asking to go to Disney again! 

OK, so here’s where we have a couple of holidays to talk about.

This year, we decided that we wanted to take the kids to Paris. We’ve been saying this for a while, but of course travel hasn’t been that easy for the past couple of years. 

The Husband and I went to Paris for our first wedding anniversary and then took my mum over for a weekend a few years after that. I love Paris, it’s one of my favourite cities, so I have been keen to share it with the children. 

We decided that this is the year we will take them and take in the sights and stroll the streets. My brother then mentioned he was looking to go later this year too, so knowing we were looking at going, he moved his trip to the summer holidays to coincide with ours. We’ll be in Paris at the same time now, so we can enjoy some time there with my little niece. 

This wasn’t initially going to be a Disney trip, more of a city trip and maybe a day trip to Disneyland within that. 

Then I started looking into it and we decided to combine the two. 

We will be staying in the city for 3 nights, and then moving to Disneyland for another 3 nights. 

We are excited!

We’ve never visited this park before, so we are really looking forward to exploring and getting to know it. Some rides are similar to those we already know, and then some are completely unique to Paris. 

We are staying onsite, at Hotel Cheyenne, as we love Toy Story. 

The new Avengers Campus will be opening before we arrive so we are looking forward to seeing that, being Marvel fans. 

And as a bonus, my brother will be popping down from the city for a day so we will get to explore Disney with my baby niece, it’ll be fun seeing it through her eyes. 


Now, that was all I had planned, all I planned to share about here today. But then I spotted some Disney World offers a week or so ago and got sucked in…

We have, tentatively, booked to go to Disney World next summer. 

I say tentatively, as we have booked our hotels, pending me being able to get some good flight deals later this year. I have a budget we’d like to stick to, so I am hoping I can find flights for that price at some point. Wish me luck on that front! 

Our trip next year, if all goes well, will be a 4 night stay at a Universal hotel whilst we visit those parks, and then a 10 night stay onsite at Disney World. We looked at quite a few different options for this, from value hotels to offsite hotels, and then decided to go with a moderate hotel and we are back at the Caribbean Beach Resort again. The lure of the Skyliner absolutely won out – if you know the resorts and transport system there you will probably understand. 

We’re excited to be staying at Universal and taking our time to wander around those parks. I love the Wizarding World and the Jurassic Park ride is one of my favourite rides in the whole world!

Staying at the hotel gives us early entry into the parks and we will have three full days there which is plenty of time to take everything in. As it’s at the start of our holiday, we’ll definitely make the most of the early starts as jetlag will have us all wide awake at the crack of dawn anyway.

We will then move onto our Disney stay and as we won’t bother with a car, we will then be onsite using their transport, relaxing and enjoying living in the Disney bubble. 

A fair few things have changed for guests since our last visit and there will be new attractions that we have not seen. It will be fun exploring everything and revisiting old favourites – Soarin’ and Night Blossom, I’m looking at you. 

So that’s us, Disney dreaming over here. 

Have you got any Disney plans?

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4 thoughts on “Disney Dreaming”

  1. Oh wow! How exciting to have have two Disney trips to look forward to. No wonder you are excited. I have no Disney plans but I have Disney dreams, one day I will get there, even if it’s just the one in Paris x

  2. Now that we have 2 grandchildren, we’ve booked a week at Disney World in Oct. All 8 of us! My kids have gone many times over the years, but we stopped as they got older and went to Europe instead. We loved Paris Disney, I think the size of it is perfect!

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