Disney On Ice: Silver Anniversary Celebration

Last night was a night to be remembered. Last night was mesmerising.  Last night was simply magical.

Last night we took Boo and Little Man to see Disney On Ice: Silver Anniversary Celebration at Birmingham’s Genting Arena. I’d told them last month that we had tickets to go and they were thrilled, but I then decided not to mention it again and as the time crept round for us to go, I knew that they had forgotten. It meant that yesterday, after the Husband arrived home and we had all sat down to dinner, we let the cat out of the bag that we’d be leaving the house in a few minutes. Oh my, the excitement levels!

My kids don’t go out of an evening, they just don’t! We have a clear bedtime routine that works and so we stick to it. So the very fact that they would be going out late had them beyond excited, add into that the thrill of Disney On Ice? They were bouncing off the walls! We quickly scooped them up and into the car and we were on our way, which fortunately is quite a short journey for us.

We met up with our friends there, Brummymummyof2 and her family, which just made them even more excited, as you can probably tell just looking at Little Man in this picture!

Disney On Ice

Then it was time to take our seats, the kids cuddling their little Olafs.

With Olaf

The show opens with It’s a Small World before introducing us to our hosts for the evening, Disney classics Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy. They are planning an around the world trip to celebrate the 25th anniversary, and as such take us to the African plains, to London, to the sea and then to Arendelle. From those destinations, you can probably guess the shows that were featured. Yes, we saw The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and the finale was Frozen. All big hits in our house, with Little Man desperate to see Peter Pan and how can you not be excited to see Let it Go, performed amidst a snowstorm? Thrilling!

The show is in two acts of fifty minutes each and to be honest, they flew by. The intermission of twenty minutes was just long enough for a toilet break and an ice cream, and whilst it was obviously busy, it did not feel over-crowded or as though we had to queue long. The timings were just right for us, and I think taking a 6 year old and 3 year old was a good target audience as both were enthralled and as it was an evening showing, they managed to enjoy it without being too tired.

Disney on Ice Peter Pan

The show was all seamlessly and cleverly put together, with Mickey Mouse and friends introducing each section and abridged versions of each story being told with several favourite songs and of course, the skating. The skaters were absolutely fantastic, performing the stories brilliantly and though there was the odd slip on the ice and the moment that Olaf’s head fell off (hilarious to me, though Boo’s adamant it was meant to anyway – I don’t think so!), it all only served to remind that we were watching a live performance filled with atmosphere and the feeling that anything could happen next. The production was faultless, from the lighting to the clever set designs transporting us effortlessly from Neverland to Atlantica.

Disney on Ice Little Mermaid

I thought it was fabulous. The kids were entertained and engrossed throughout, and I loved singing along to all of the songs, too. Disney definitely know how to put on a show and you can be sure that you’ll recognise the characters and songs as really how many of us haven’t seen pretty much every Disney film?!

The kids’ verdict? Little Man says ‘It was brilliant’, Boo says ‘It was amazing’, and they both say ‘I loved it!’ So there you have it, definitely a hit! A night to be remembered.

Full details of the tour can be found at Disney On Ice.

Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets for the purposes of this post 

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