Disney Rummy Review & Competition

We have been playing a new game, Disney Rummy, so today I’ll share our thoughts on it with a review, along with offering one of you the chance to win a copy…

disney rummy

Play with Buzz, Woody, Lightning McQueen, Remy, Nemo and all their friends! Disney Rummy contains two ways to play! The “Discovery” game helps children learn the basics whilst the “Family” game gives you all the fun of classic rummy! Make a run of numbers of the same colour, or a set of the same number but different colours! Watch out: when it’s your turn, if you cannot place a tile you’ll have to take another one out of the bag! First to get rid of all their tiles is the winner!

RRP Β£17.99

Also available from your friendly local game shop.

The contents were simple to unpack and make sense of, with 52 tiles divided into 4 different colours, much like a pack of cards. There are then 4 racks and instructions on the two modes of play.

Disney Rummy Contents

There are 2 ways to play Disney Rummy, an easier ‘Discovery’ option, or the more difficult ‘Family’ game. The box suggests the game is for players aged 4 and up, so the Discovery option is aimed at younger children.

Discovery game

disney rummy discovery

To play this, all of the tiles are placed facing downwards in the centre of the table. Each player then takes it in turn to select two tiles. If the tiles are the same character or areΒ the same colour, they can be classed as a pair and kept. The game ends when there are only 4 tiles left in the centre, and the winner is the player with most tiles.

The three of us played this version, and I’d say it took 5-10 minutes to play, from set up to declaring a winner.

Family game

disney rummy families

For this game, each player takes 6 tiles and places them in their rack. From then on, it is played using rummy rules, with players trying to form runs or families with their tiles. The winner is the first player to get all of their tiles out.

This one definitely requires more understanding and concentration, though it was fine for our 6 year old. I’d say this one takes no more than ten minutes, too. I love speedy games!

The Verdict

We like our Disney films here, so any games featuring Disney characters go down well. The children like spotting them as they’re familiar to them, and the tiles are all nice and brightly coloured.

My 3 year old found the ‘Discovery’ version of the game easy to grasp and play. It’s a good one for us all to enjoy together and takes seconds to set up, which is always a plus when playing games with little ones. The tiles are all easy to hold in small hands, and as they are tiles and not cards, they can’t get bent or torn. Again, hard-wearing is a plus with little ones! During play, I was mixing up the tiles so that it didn’t become a game of memory, it was more a game of chance. This was because my six year old had spotted that you can win it as a game of memory, whereas my three year old hadn’t worked that out and I wanted to give him a fighting chance! When he’s a little older, we will play it using the memory element as I think that’s another fun dimension.

My six year old and I played the ‘Family’ game, along with the Husband. The instructions on this one aren’t that clear, though with talk of runs and families, it works very similarly to normal rummy, though with 6 tiles, so we played using those rules. My daughter enjoyed it, and it is a fun introduction to more traditional card games.

As far as game play is concerned, these can both be played with a deck of cards. But I found that by bringing the Disney characters into the game, the children were far more interested, and the tiles are definitely more child-friendly than playing cards. These are easy to play games, and I do like the versatility of having two playing options for different age ranges within one game.

I now have a Disney Rummy up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 15th August 2016. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about this game?

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169 thoughts on “Disney Rummy Review & Competition”

  1. Disney is obviously bound to appeal to the children but I also really like those stands. My youngest struggles to hold his cards so the eldest two can be quite sneaky and play purely based upon what he has been dealt and has on show!

  2. It’s speedy, we love playing games but my 5yo gets bored before we’ve managed to finish snakes and ladders or ludo and we struggle to get him to complete a game!

  3. Hannah Scudder

    It’s disney! We are all massive disney fans in our house and I think my son would really enjoy the game.

  4. Nicola Marshall

    I like that it’s got two playing options, and the fact that it’s Disney characters which my children would love.x

  5. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania, they’ll be able to play some kind of game with these cards

  6. Colourful with all the great characters and easy for the little ones to handle, great game and very easy to learn, a game i know all little ones will enjoy

  7. I like the idea that the “cards” are not cardboard – so many kids’ games end up shredded, but this is much more sensible

  8. This seems perfect for the inevitable rainy afternoon during the school holidays, it has all the kids favourite characters so they could all get involved!

  9. I loved learning new card games as a kid, and I carry a pack around with me now so we always have something to do if unexpectedly delayed, but as a big fat bonus – teaches kids numbers, how to think strategically and learn in a fun way πŸ™‚

  10. I used to play this with my nan as a kid, so would be great to start it with my son in a format he will enjoy as he loves things disney

  11. The game doesn’t seem drawn out so the kids lose interest plus nice for extra family time πŸ™‚

  12. Disney!! I love everything Disney. Plus fun for the whole family. This is wholesome fun how it should be.

  13. The whole family can play together and teahc my 4 year old to take turns and play against different people

  14. I’ve never actually played Rummy, but with a host of Disney Pixar characters, numbers and colours this would be a great game to put by for my little boy when he’s a little older!

  15. I have actually never played this so perhaps this Disney version with my little sisters would be a nice introduction to it!

  16. its really made a game which was really for a bit older kids into one which would appeal and can be done by younger – great idea!

  17. I love board games and I have never seen this one before. IT would be fun to try out with my family.

  18. Elizabeth Hinds

    I love that there are different levels of difficulty to suit all ages and the Disney theme would definitely appeal to both of my daughters πŸ™‚

  19. Angela McDonald

    Rummy is a great card game for all ages anyway so the Disney element thrown in just makes it more fun!

  20. I think the best thing about the game is the huge variety of Disney characters it includes which provides a great topic of conversation whilst playing with your children.

  21. I grew up playing rummy with my family with ordinary cards- these great disney cards would make the game so exciting for our family games at the weekend

  22. Beky Austerberry

    It looks like a fun game for the whole family and it also looks like it would make a lot of giggles.

  23. Main thing it’s Disney which is always good in our house! However it is great that it is a quick game so means less likely to get bored

  24. i like that it’s a game that doesn’t drag on so perfect for my children who can get bored of the traditional bored games


    I like that the tiles look very hard wearing and also that it’s a speedy game- we all know kids’ attention spans can be very short!

  26. Love the familiar Disney characters in really vibrant colours which will immediately appeal to my two granddaughters and the two levels really increases the play value of the game.

  27. It looks a lot of fun and very quick which would appeal to my children. I also love the characters used πŸ™‚

  28. Michelle Corbett

    It will teach my daughter to concentrate and think on something, and the fact it’s disney makes it so much choice more fun. My whole family would enjoy this. X

  29. Use to love playing the original version on this with my brother and dad! This just looks like an even more fun version!

  30. The game is bright and cheerful with characters all the family know and love and its quick and fun to play so no time to become bored

  31. My grandson love matching games and has learnt about taking turns and not always winning. He’s also Disney mad πŸ™‚ We have regular family games nights and now he’s old enough he can join in and we adults can be kids again πŸ™‚

  32. Miss Tracy Hanson

    To start with it’s very bright and colourful and has great characters on it. It looks like a game you could play different things with the cards as well as the Rummy. It’s definitely something my great-niece and great-nephew will enjoy and it’s definitely a good idea for children of all ages (including the “big kids”). Thanks for the chance.

  33. CristΓ­n Williams

    I like the fact this game can be adapted to the different skill levels in a family and can grow with the family then too


    I like the fact that it’s good old fashioned family togetherness game and not a sole game on a mobile phone.

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