Disney World – Our 2020 Trip

Yes, we are going back to Disney World next year! Which means that Disney World 2020 trip planning has commenced here, and I do like Disney World planning.

We are all so excited about this trip. When we came back last year, we said that we wanted to go again in 2020, but then when the prices came out it wasn’t looking likely as the dates that we wanted were just too expensive for us. But I then had a little play around with different dates and options and hip, hip, hooray, we found a good deal that we simply couldn’t resist. We will be going back in February next year and will be staying onsite at Disney World, as we did last year.

It goes without saying that we all really enjoyed our last holiday there, which means that there are lots of things that we did and saw that we are keen to do and see again, these were our trip highlights. There were also things that we didn’t get round to doing that we’d like to do this time. There are also new things at Disney World for us to see, that simply weren’t there last time.

What We’ll Be Doing Differently

Next time we will not be going to Universal or hiring a car, we will be fully immersed in the Disney bubble. We’ll take advantage of the Magical Express and Disney transport around the parks and resorts. We’ll probably just grab a taxi to spend some time at the nearby outlets for a little shopping, and that will be about the only time we’ll leave Disney (and even then, I’ll be in the Disney Character Warehouse Outlet!). We also have the free dining plan again, so we are all set for food and we love eating around the parks, trying various snacks and restaurants.

We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter last year, which we all adored. I toyed with staying there again but then decided it’d be fun to try a different resort. We are also there at a different time of year so the weather should be quite different, it’s likely to be cooler, drier, and less humid, so we’ll see how we find it.

Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be new to us, and as we’re fans of Toy Story and Star Wars, this is wonderful news. Let me ride that Slinky Dog!

We are going for one more day than last time and then don’t plan to venture off site, so this should allow us more time to relax. I’ll be planning in more water park and pool days than we had last time, and even a few lie ins.

There are some rides and shows that we are glad we’ve experienced, but don’t feel that we need to do so again. This frees up more of that relaxation time and also means we can do the things we love over and over or get round to those things that we kept meaning to do last time. Soarin’ daily, anyone?! Along with a visit to Gaston’s Tavern at least every other day and several Be Our Guest reservations as I had the best meal there last time.

We visited a water park, but a huge storm rolled in which meant that we only had around an hour there. It would be lovely to get a whole day at one next time.

I’d like to eat out at Disney Springs several times. We did eat at Blaze, and will do so again, but there are so many great places to eat there that I’d like to sample more.

And We Can’t Wait To Do These Things Again

OK, I could go on and on here, but I’d say that these are the things that are jumping out at us at the moment, the things that we are talking about most:

The rides that are currently the most talked about here are Peter Pan, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Test Track, Soarin’, Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris and Toy Story Mania. There are many more, as you can imagine, but these are the ones that are topping the list.

Snack our way around Epcot’s World Showcase. So many different foods to try, we like to get a snack between us and all sample it and then move on and get more. There are loads!

Play mini golf. We played a round at Blizzard Beach last time and all really enjoyed it. I love that this is included in our tickets, so we’d like to play at least another round or two next time.

The kids want to go pin trading. They LOVE pin trading!

Customise our Magic Bands and get using them on arrival. There’s something so special about donning these.

Meet lots of characters. The kids are still debating whether they want to get new autograph books, meet previously met characters, or just go for new ones. Who knows what they’ll decide, but no trip to Disney World is complete without a Mickey meet, that’s for sure.

See the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Magical.

Eat at Be Our Guest. I will be booking my meal in advance and drooling in anticipation!


As you can imagine, this list could go on and on and on. We obviously loved our time there last year otherwise we wouldn’t be going back, would we? We have a shorter countdown than we had last time and that trip came round really quickly, so I know the time will fly by. As we’ve been before, we also know what we’re doing and the planning should be a breeze this time. We can just relax and look forward to ALL THE FUN!

Have you been to Disney World? What would your trip look like?


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2 thoughts on “Disney World – Our 2020 Trip”

  1. Ah Jocelyn – this is so exciting! I hope you all have a fabulous trip.

    I’ve been to WDW twice before in 2001 as a kid and in 2016 as an adult – and obviously both stays were incredible! ?

    We’re hoping to go in a few years time (my husband and son will be first-timers!) and then I’d love to stay on-site for the first time. No preference on which resort though because they all look amazing.

    What do you think will be the first park and attraction you visit? ?

    1. Ah, I do hope you get to all go as a family soon then, and staying onsite is wonderful. You’re right, all of the resorts look lovely.

      It has to be Magic Kingdom, it just does! We are hoping to go there the evening that we fly in, with a Peter Pan Fast Pass as our first ride. Traditional Disney all the way!

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