Do We Really Need Stationery?

In this modern age of phones, apps and computers, do we really need stationery?

What do you use stationery for these days? When you think about it, it can probably be replaced with some form of tech or gadget. Calendar? It’s on your phone. Notebook? Just use your phone. Snail mail? Just send an email or text. But are we missing something by doing this?

Maybe we don’t need stationery, but we want it?

There are lovely stationery ranges in all of the supermarkets now, Poundland stocks loads and then there are the many beautiful stores totally dedicated to it, both online and on the high street. There must be a demand.

Does the demand make it something that we need, though, or just something that we like? Like pick ‘n’ mix and dachshund mugs?

Hmm, I think there might just be a need. I think that I am not the only one with a penchant for pretty stationery. And I don’t think it’s because I am in any way a technophobe refusing to move with the digital age – I’m a blogger, I feel that that makes me a little bit tech savvy at least!

I suspect that I am not alone in enjoying surrounding myself with pretty, fun stationery every day. I cannot be the only one who looks forward to choosing a new planner each year. I cannot be the only one with a collection of notebooks that just keeps on growing. And washi tape – how is this even a thing? It has little to no real purpose, yet I have loads of it and it serves so many purposes!

Stationery can make some dull tasks more interesting and it can take enjoyable tasks to another level. It brightens our desks and our homes and it can brighten our mood.

On another level, there is a real benefit in getting things out of your head and onto paper. I don’t know about you, but I ‘think’ better on paper. I like to get my thoughts out in front of me, in pretty coloured pens obviously, and then I can make sense of them, make plans, make lists. I shared 6 Reasons To Use Lists here, which explains a little more.

I think, I know, that a lot of us like stationery. I’m quite sure there’s a good case for that with all of the gorgeous stationery that is available to us. But do we need it? Well, I do for one, but what about you?


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2 thoughts on “Do We Really Need Stationery?”

  1. Many years ago I used stationery called Eatons Crystal Sheer. It came in many colors and designs and I loved it! It was kind of between an onion skin and regular weight paper. I’m still trying to find something similar.

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