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Do You Keep A Journal?

Do you keep a journal? I can’t imagine being without mine.

I think I’ve always been a scribbler. I remember loving stationery when I was little and having plenty of notebooks and pretty pens to keep me busy.

I loved writing stories, I went through phases of keeping a diary and I liked lists. Of course. 

I suppose the habit has grown with me throughout my life. If I need to think about something, plan something, develop an idea or learn something, I will always reach for pen and paper. 

I don’t even realise that I do it half the time. But writing this post has made me stop and think about the journals I have.

I have my bullet journal, my ‘every and any thought’ journal that gives me a space for mind dumps, my garden journal, my blogging journal, my skincare journal, my book journal, the kids’ birthday journals, and those are just the ones that spring immediately to mind. I’ve a feeling if I look around my office, I’ll find a couple more. 

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They all have different purposes, and I use them as and when I feel like it. None of them are arbitrarily filled in daily, weekly or even monthly. I grab them when I have something to say, when my mind feels a little too full. My bullet journal is essential to keeping everything on track, though, that one does get daily use! 

I can’t imagine not having them, even if some of them don’t get written in for months. 

It’s difficult to explain why I journal to someone who doesn’t. You may well be reading this now and thinking, just why??!

Hmm, I’ll try to put it into words. 

In some cases, it’s to organise me and ensure I don’t forget things and am as productive as I want to be. In some cases it’s to record things to keep a track of any progress. In some cases it’s to help me to remember stuff. And then in cases like my children’s birthday journals, it’s to capture a special moment in time, for me and then for them to look back on. 

I know not everyone journals. I suspect I am in the minority. I’ve certainly never seen my husband journal a single thing in any way in over two decades of living together. But then, I don’t think he finds it odd that I do, he’s used to seeing me note things down in an array of notebooks. It’s just a part of who I am, how I think. 

Maybe it’s also going to be a generational thing? I didn’t have the option of using an app or ‘notes’ on my phone to jot things down. I couldn’t grab my laptop to write a story, it was simply pen and paper. Or if I was feeling fancy, my lovely old typewriter. 

notebook and pen

Does this mean journals will die out? Will people be brought up without needing all of that lovely stationery and just use gadgets to store their thoughts and ideas instead? 

My daughter is always writing stories, poems and jotting down her thoughts, and she tends to use notepads. I keep her well-stocked in stationery. Her stories do come together online, as she likes designing her front covers and playing with fonts.

My son also has a desk full or pens and pads, and whilst I don’t see him using them as often as my girl, he does doodle in them, creates the odd story and uses a diary from time to time. 

I am hoping the kids will keep their papery habits, and I think a mix of tech and paper is probably the best way forward. I mean, I can’t exactly say everything in my life is on paper, can I? As you read this blog?! 

Paper is perfect for ‘thinking’ on. Getting all of your thoughts and ideas out. I can’t imagine doing it in any other way, so if you’ve yet to try a journal, of any kind, I would absolutely recommend that you give it a go.

Grab that notebook and get scribbling. And do tell me what you think if you try it!

Do you keep a journal of some kind? Or maybe you have a fair few on the go too?

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8 thoughts on “Do You Keep A Journal?”

  1. I don’t but my youngest does. She has notebooks full of notes, drawings and memorable things that have happened in her life. It all started when she was having a tough time at school a few years ago and her teacher told her to write her thoughts and feelings down. It helped then and still helps now. x

    1. It’s great that her teacher suggested that to her, to help her get though. It really does make a difference, getting things out on paper, I think x

  2. My sister is a journal fiend. She’s gone through countless notebooks over her 29 years and even has a preference for the type of journal she uses. She has even found a website where she can design her own journal cover. It’s a bit expensive but she puts it to good use.
    I, on the other hand, only really use a bullet journal. I once tried journaling the way my sister does about everyday events to feeling to current events, but I’ve never had much of an attention span. I do want to try again some time though. Maybe make each entry as a letter to someone since I like to write letters. I usually only write letters every couple weeks so it might be easier for me to manage. I did make a kind of rpg version of a bullet journal for this year, and I’ve been using that one nearly everyday. A few design details to work out but it keeps me motivated.

    1. Sounds like your sister loves them! Yes, I do think writing them as letters works really well, that’s how I write the kids’ birthday journals. Hope it works for you.

  3. I do journal. I have more than one. The ones I had in the past were not used often, I was busy and did not get to write long entries. Now I have several and just jot down short entries. Sometimes I will journal a longer entry.

    1. Yes, I think it’s good to not be too rigid with them as it can be hard to stick to them then. Just write as and when you want to.

  4. I like that you don’t feel the need to add to your journals every day or even every month. I think I would use them more if I adopted that attitude.

    I have a book journal for keeping a list of all the books I read & notes or quotes.
    I just started keeping a habit tacker about 6 months ago. I do write in it every day…weight, stretches, walking, planks, ect. I’m trying to be more consistent.
    In the past I’ve kept a diary, nature journals, garden journals…but I’m not keeping any of those at the moment.

    My husband & my 28 yr old son keep bullet journals. My husband for puts everything in his. My son mainly uses his for work to keep up with projects & responsibilities.

    1. It’s the only way I can keep them, I don’t like ‘having’ to write in them. Habit trackers can be so handy for keeping you motivated and on track, they are great. And I wouldn’t be without my bullet journal to keep on top of everything!

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