Do You Use ClassDojo?

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Do you use ClassDojo? Have you heard of ClassDojo? It is the most popular school communication app for teachers, students, and families. Used in over 180 countries worldwide, it connects teachers with families so they can become a “teaching team.” Teachers can instantly share pictures, videos and messages with families about what’s happening throughout the school day.

Boo and Little Man’s school don’t currently have this in place, but I would love it if they did. We did have something similar when they were in Early Years, and I do really miss it. If your kids are anything like mine (and apparently 93% of parents would like to know more about what happens in their children’s classroom), we don’t get to hear all that much about their school days. I always know what they had for lunch, and if someone got in trouble that day, but that’s about it!

Updates like this would not only tell me more, but they would serve as a prompt to ask the children to tell me more about what they did. It’s so good to follow up on any learning at school and I do find that once the kids do get talking about something that they have done, they are enthusiastic to tell me more. I would also find it reassuring, if perhaps one of them had had a wobble that day going in, to pop onto the app and see their smiling faces at school, working hard.

Along with receiving updates from the school and teaching staff, ClassDojo can also be used to communicate directly with the kids’ teachers, making this a two-way relationship.

The Benefits of ClassDojo

Millions of families around the world use ClassDojo to see photos and videos from the classroom and school, message teachers and receive digital newsletters. This is a speedy way of communicating, and I know that my two would be happy for me to send over more details on activities that they undertake at home in this way. And how many of us have received ripped/crumpled/soggy newsletters in book bags or just can’t put our hands on it when we need it? Having everything in one place like this seems so much more efficient and practical. It seems to be a logical way to communicate.

ClassDojo breaks down language barriers. Where English isn’t a first language, ClassDojo serves to get around this problem with an inbuilt translator. Over 625,000 messages were translated in the UK in the last school year alone! Any captions and messages can be translated, ensuring truly effective communication with everybody in our society.

If your children are fortunate enough to have close family who would love to see their school progress, you can share your ClassDojo access codes with them and they too can see what the kids have been up to. I know that my two would love the idea that their grandparents could see what they have been getting up to, and it’s a lovely way for their grandparents to feel more involved.

With 88% of people feeling at their ‘wits end’ with the lack of communication from their children about their school days, ClassDojo could well be the answer. ClassDojo can share magic moments that parents don’t always get to see, and can serve as a useful conversation starter about those school days. I know that it’s something I would like to use regularly, how about you?

What are your thoughts on ClassDojo? Do go check out the ClassDojo website for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Use ClassDojo?”

  1. Yes, our school uses Class Dojo and it’s really helpful. Saves letters getting lost in school bags and I love seeing little videos and photos of what my son has been getting up to in class. x

    1. It does look so good. Definitely brilliant for lost letters and I would enjoy seeing my kids in their classrooms x

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