Does Music Have An Age Limit?

Someone commented recently that I was too old to like the music that I love. 


Is this a thing? Does music have an age limit?

I missed that memo, but it did get me thinking about it. 

I like a huge range of music, I listen to whatever makes me happiest in the moment that I am in.

That might be Billy Joel, hits from musicals, Luke Combs, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Queen, Anne-Marie, The Chicks, Lizzo, Oasis, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Lewis Capaldi, The Wonder Stuff, Niall Horan, Elton John… you get the idea. 

I don’t overthink it, I choose whatever I fancy at the time. And music is always playing here.

As I work from home, I get to choose music all day long.

I play it from the moment that I come downstairs in the morning, whilst I work throughout the day and when I’m cooking and cleaning. It’s right there for the taking, and it always lifts my mood. 

I just hadn’t considered that at the age of 45 I couldn’t listen to some artists. And I think this one only goes one way, it’s just the younger singers that are out of bounds. 

I think it’s OK to listen to Elvis? Who died the year I was born? Though for the record I do happily listen to Elvis, Burning Love is one of my top mood lifting tunes! 

But not so much One Direction, right? As I am old.

I mean, it’s pretty difficult not to listen to One D in my house, my daughter plays it a lot. And I decided to take an interest because if my kid is into it, I want to show her that I am interested too. It turns out, there’s a reason they’re one of the biggest boy bands of all time, they made some good songs! So I listen to them, along with many of the younger artists I’ve mentioned and others. 

And I think this is OK. I mean, music is music, right? You just listen to whatever resonates, makes you smile, makes you dance, makes you feel. 

If I am lucky enough to reach my seventies, eighties, am I only able to like the music that exists in the world so far, no newer music from younger artists? That’s a sad thought. 

No, no, no! 

I will listen to whatever music makes me the happiest and I won’t be told that I am too old for it. 

I mean, if I’m honest, I’m still 17 at heart anyway, so I think that puts every song on the table. 

I’m interested to know what you think, does music have an age limit? 


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4 thoughts on “Does Music Have An Age Limit?”

  1. My girls love music from before I was even born, I like the music they are into which is new now and everything in-between. It does make me chuckle when they go on about a new song and it turns out being a remix of a song when I was a teenager. hehehe
    Lots of fans of One Direction are easily in their 20’s now. My eldest was a huge fan when they were at their biggest and she was about 13/14 years old and she’s 21 this year. There is no age limit. x

    1. Oh yes the remixes and covers, I’ve heard a fair few of those, and then the kids are surprised when I know it so well! Nope, no age limit, just sing along to whatever you fancy! x

  2. What an interesting article!! You are correct, Jocelyn, music has no age limit. I am lucky to be in my seventies, and I feel about 30 inside, and I love all kinds of music, with live music being my favorite. It is always fun to listen to a new band, and I will be listening to One Direction.

    1. Live music is always the best, you’re so right. Good to hear you’re enjoying a good variety of music, I hope you like One Direction.

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