Doh Nutters Review & Give-Away

We’ve had another brilliant game that we’ve been playing and enjoying from Drumond Park, Doh Nutters..

DohNutters 3D L HRDoh Nutters

DOH NUTTERS is the immensely popular elephantastic kids’ action game. Play the part of crazy, doughnut-loving elephants in this hilarious fun, fast action game.

Each player takes a mask and three doughnuts that are the same colour as their mask’s spectacles. They then scatter their doughnuts on the playing board and put on their masks. When everyone is ready, the youngest player shouts “start” – and using only their trunks, players must scoop up their coloured doughnuts as fast as possible – onto their trunks.

The first doughnut is easy, the next harder – but with the final doughnut, tension reaches an all time high! The first player to get all of their doughnuts onto their trunks is the winner!

DOH NUTTERS is brilliant fun for ALL KIDS: Big and Small! Perfect for every sort of gathering… Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, House Warming Parties, Weekend Parties, Drinks Parties… In fact any time you have a group of silly, fun lovin’ people.

For 2-4 Players
Ages 4+

It’s a game that we’d spotted before, but never played. That has been remedied, as we have now played this a lot!

It’s very simple to play, and as there’s no need to take turns, it’s just one big crazy free-for-all! The hoops go on the game board in the middle and everyone wades in with their masks on to scoop up their corresponding coloured hoops onto their trunks. The person who collects all three of their hoops first is the winner.

photo 1 (35)

Boo, at 4, is at a great age to enjoy this game, as she understands what she needs to do, and really concentrates on it. She favours the yellow mask, and becomes aggressive if anyone else tries to play with that one!

photo 3 (33)

If she’s playing with just her brother, she is quite careful and particular about getting her hoops on properly, without using her hands, as you’re supposed to. Though if we’re playing, too, or she’s playing with her grandparents, she cheats and uses her hands as it’s a lot faster and more frantic!

photo 4 (23)

Little Man loves popping the masks on, and he attempts to get the hoops on his trunk, but he uses his hands, rather than playing properly – as you’d expect for a 20 month old. He also then invents his own ways of playing with it, which I’ve found fascinating to watch…

photo 3 (34)

photo 2 (35)

It’s been great for his hand-eye coordination, and we’ve also been using it to talk about colours – he knows and says ‘blue’, so we’ve made some progress. We will use these to play colour-matching games soon, too. That picture above was something he arranged and set up entirely on his own, and as you can probably tell from his face, he does really focus on it.

It’s a game that’s been fun for us all to play, and is definitely one that spans all ages. Boo enjoys it and her skills are improving with it, and Little Man will grow into playing with it in different ways, I think. My only suggestion for improvement would be that the mask straps are adjustable, as they’re too big for both him and Boo, though of course they get round it by holding them on. They’re also not easy for us glasses wearers, though it doesn’t stop me partaking!

Oh, and of course, the big appeal about Doh Nutters? Look at how fabulous we look when we play…

doh nutters pics

I have one Doh Nutters game up for grabs, thanks to Drumond Park, so to be in with a chance of winning it, simply answer the question and use the rafflecopter – give-away ends 2nd June 2014, UK entrants only. Good luck!
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Disclosure: I received a Doh Nutters game free of charge for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun with this game. My children would have loved this when they were younger, but they’re all a bit older now. I recently launched a new linky, #KidsCorner which this would fit perfectly into if you wanted to link up – it’s all about sharing kids reviews!! Popping over from #TriedTested

  2. my boys would love this i am not sure how long they would to be able to play before they started fighting! but maybe this Christmas it would be a good idea as a joint gift #triedtested

  3. thomasine walkey

    red of course but loving the blue too but 4 kids i dont think i would get chance to wear any for more than 2 seconds

  4. This looks a bit like the game JJ and EJ have where you have a headband with a dangly magnet hanging off it and you have to pick up as many little magnetic balls as possible (probably supposed to be colour specific but always just ends up being a hysterically giggly free for all!). X

  5. oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! lol I need one of these for sure. Great review Jocelyn. You always have fab fun toys on your reviews! So jealous. hahaha Lovely photos too! #triedtested

  6. I would have whatever was left after the kids had picked!!! but if they gave me a chance to choose I would pick the yellow

  7. There are always arguments in my house between the kids when we play games over who is going what colour counter so I would go with whatever was left over (anything for a quiet life lol). Preferably red though 😉

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