Double Flip Review #ToadTest

We’ve been carrying out a couple of #ToadTests here, in our role as toy testers for The Toadstool. Both are from the new Double Flip range, who have ‘all things reversible’ as their tagline.

Double Flip Fun & Games Mat

double flip fun and games

Kids will have hours of fun playing and drawing on this mat with washable felt tip pens. Then pop the mat in the washing machine on a cold wash, hang out to dry and play again!

The activities on the mat include: creative drawing, dot-to-dot, noughts and crosses, colour by numbers, letter writing practice, snakes and ladders and other dice games for older children.

Your children won’t even realise they are learning while they play. Suitable for boys and girls between 3 and 10 years.

double flip fun and games 1

double flip fun and games 7

double flip fun and games 2

double flip fun and games 4

double flip collage

There is so much to do with this mat, as it’s crammed with activities, on both sides, and is washable, so once the kids have finished, we can wash it off and do it all again! As you can see, both of the children were straight into playing with it as soon as I opened it, though at 2, Little Man is too young to be able to take full advantage of all that it offers, though that did not stop him scribbling, and he loves the little counters for game play. For Boo it’s been brilliant. As she’s recently started school, the letters practice is a hit (you see her doing that on the table there!), and dot to dots and word-searches always go down well with her. There is hours worth of fun to be had here, and it’s all kept in a handy little bag, too. This is one we’ve taken out with us, as it’s easy and lightweight to take, and the kids are then happy with it when visiting at houses with few toys! A really lovely, quirky idea, and well-executed, too.

Double Flip Paint or Bake Pack

double flip paint or bake

Inspire kids to get creative!

This reversible apron has a baking side with a pocket, and a wipeable art and craft side. A wooden rolling pin, spoon and two star cookie cutters are part of the set and will get your kids into the kitchen. Flip the apron round and get messy with the included water colours and paint brush!

The perfect present for boys or girls, from age 3 and up.

double flip paint or bake 1

double flip paint or bake  2

double flip paint or bake  3

double flip paint or bake 5

So this one can be used to either bake or paint with. As Little Man had yet to bake without big sister being about and taking over, I took this opportunity to make some cookies with him while she was at school. The apron is reversible, so we went with the clean, crisp white side, which can just be popped in the wash afterwards. It’d be fair to say that Little Man enjoyed baking, and I’m so glad we received this one to test as it prompted me to do it with him. And at the end, you have to lick the spoon, right?!

So the baking element done, it was then Boo’s turn to test out the painting part…

double flip paint or bake 6

double flip paint or bake 7

double flip paint or bake 8

Boo’s wearing the same apron as Little Man was there, just on the other side. She liked it immediately, gasping that ‘it’s pretty’! She likes creating with powder paints, as do I as they’re so much easier to clear up than poster paints. It makes it a fast to set up activity and the range of colours and quality was good. The paintbrush retained all of it’s bristles, and the colours looked pretty.

The two products are fun and offer something a little different. Both encourage kids to use their minds and creativity, too, which is always good. They are of a great quality, but for me, the Fun and Games mat really has the edge, as it is different to anything we’ve seen before, and can be carried about, laid out and played with very easily, with plenty to do on it.

What do you think of them?

Disclosure: I received these products FOC, though all words and opinions remain my own. 

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30 thoughts on “Double Flip Review #ToadTest”

  1. I think both of mine would love these, except that my daughter would get irritated with her little brother ‘not doing it properly’! I’m finding now that we have to buy two of things to allow them both to play in their own way-think I may be adding this to Father Christmas’ list as it looks like both would enjoy using them 🙂

  2. What a genius product! I love that you can just wash it and start again – how environmentally friendly is that?!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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