Drayton Manor’s Spectacular Fireworks Extravaganza

Tonight we took the kids to their very first fireworks display and it was all that they’d hoped it would be and more.

We went along to Drayton Manor’s Fireworks Spectacular, where they rounded off their 65th anniversary season in style with a War of the Worlds themed show.

Drayton Manor fireworks
Image courtesy of Drayton Manor

We were at the park for a few hours before the fireworks, so had plenty of time for fun, food and rides. Being there in the dark really brings a magical feel to it, and the kids were happily dancing around and taking it all in. It all added to the build up brilliantly.

Drayton Manor Fireworks spectacular evening

Boo and Little Man had been counting down the days until this. They had only ever seen fireworks from a distance before, from inside our house. This was quite different than watching it through a window! I was concerned that it might be too loud for them, certainly for Little Man at just 3, but they were both totally entranced. The display itself took place over the lake, but we decided to watch it from a little distance, over in Thomasland, so that it would be a bit quieter for the children and so that we were away from the crowds. It turned out to be a great spot as we saw it all exploding in the sky, and for the finale, we walked over to the lake where it looked even more amazing as there was a light show and the music was a lot louder, too. Boo did say it was a bit loud there, so I think we made the right decision!

Here are their little faces as they watched…

Drayton Manor Fireworks spectacular viewing

And here’s a flavour of the display for you, bearing in mind we were a little distance from it…

Drayton Manor Fireworks spectacular display

Drayton Manor Fireworks spectacular display1

Just wow. And that was just the build up, you should have seen the finale! It lasted for just over 20 minutes and Boo didn’t want it to end. They dubbed it as ‘spectacular’ and they certainly did not disappoint!

It was fabulous. It was a night to remember. Boo declared it ‘the best night ever’ and judging from the amount of wows I heard from them, I just know they’re going to be talking about it for a long, long time!

The fireworks are on again tomorrow and Sunday night, with selected rides open until 9pm. Don’t miss it!

Disclosure: I am a Drayton Manor ambassador

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