My Dream Garden

Oh, to dream. I meander around lots of beautiful gardens these days, with our National Trust days out, as well as enjoying my own and my mum’s. They lead me to daydream about my perfect garden. You know, the one you’d have if you won the lottery? If money and time were no barrier.

So, my dream garden? It’d look a little something like this…

I’d best start with the kids. They’re pretty small, but there’s nothing more that they love than to have huge amounts of space to run about in!

So, I’ll need a very big lawn (the Husband can have one of those ride-on mowers as a treat here) and on and around it, they’ll have one of those great wooden playhouse structures, with climbing frames, swings, a slide, tunnels, lookout tower – the works! They’ll also have a trampoline, sandpit and plenty of garden games…

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 7

I’m thinking they might actually never come back inside!

So with one part neat lawn and crazy play area, then I can create the magical place that I want. It would start with archways, doorways and gateways, all covered in greenery and colour…

Dream Garden Gunby Hall

It would be walled. That’s a given, right?

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 5

And on entering, you’d be assailed by scents and blooms. It’d have an overgrown look, cottage garden at it’s best, with flowers drawing your eye at every single turn…

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 1

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 2

It would have winding pathways, secret areas and archways, taking you on a journey through, and for the kids to enjoy running around..

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 3

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 4

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 6

And central to it all, with a little bench for me, I think, I’d have to have a rose garden. You were waiting for me to mention, that, weren’t you?!

Dream Garden Gunby Hall 8

And then, add in a summer house for me to read, relax and write in, with a beautiful writing bureau in the corner, and I do believe I’m set.

Photos taken at National Trust’s Gunby Hall. Yes, I’d happily live there!

What would your dream garden be like? I’d love to know, so I’ve added a little linky to this post and am inviting you to come share with me. Linky is open until the end of this year, so you’ve a fair bit of time to daydream and blog it!


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28 thoughts on “My Dream Garden”

  1. I’m loving your dream garden! I’m pretty happy with my garden – it’s a decent size and it’s got a lovely red brick wall around it and a good selection of flowers. I could just do with someone to stay on top of the weeding… A gardener can be part of the dream, right?

  2. The brick archway with flowers growing over the top is beauuuuutiful and your photo of the poppies and other flowers is perfect 🙂 I’m going to spend some time today daydreaming too.

  3. What a beautiful garden. Isn’t it lovely to sit back and dream 🙂 I would love a garden very similar to Monty Don’s Longmeadow. It has the practicalities of the vegetable and fruit garden combined with the beauty of flowers and the precision of walkways, arches and hedges x #HDYGG

  4. Ahhhh…your garden sounds like mine! My ideal garden, that is, not my actual garden – I live in an apartment. I would also like chickens and a vegetable patch too!

  5. Your dream garden sounds lush!

    I think about my dream garden a lot, ideally I would have a nice big lawn for running around on, a nice patio with flowers and a table and chairs to work from or eat from. It would be walled with one wall covered in pinterest perfect play ideas for Eli, (like a water funnel pouring thing, and xylopone notes hanging from it and things). Then I would have an overgrown but to attract wildlife and then at the back we would have room from chickens and my vegetable garden that would be separated from the rest with a lovely little picket fence. We would have borders full of flowers including a rose bush and somewhere we would have a fairy garden 🙂 Maybe one day when I have a real outdoor space to work with 🙂

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Oh, I love the idea of the Pinterest play wall – fab plan! It all sounds totally beautiful and very usable, too. One day…

  6. Walled with a summer house, oh yes! I would definitely have to throw in a gardener for mine too 🙂 I’m already plotting and planning for my new garden and it’s pretty dream like… I’ll join in soon (ish!) x

  7. Mine would be much like yours! I’m a total sucker for a walled garden and heaps of wild flowers. I think a bee hive or two too. Oh I need to go and think this through now – and dream gardens!
    Thanks for joining in Jocelyn – that looks such a lovely place to visit x

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