Dreamgirls At The Alexandra

We were gifted tickets to this performance

Last night, my daughter and I headed into Birmingham to see Dreamgirls at The Alexandra.

We hadn’t seen this show before, though I’d seen the film. My daughter didn’t know what to expect, but having seen it, it’s now up there as one of her favourites.

The songs were catchy, the actors charismatic and the voices powerful.

The production was fantastic, everything ran so smoothly and we were both completely drawn into the story.

It’s actually quite a long show, but it felt like it went by so quickly as we were enjoying it so much.

The songs in this musical are fabulous and all were sang and performed beautifully.

My daughter’s favourite character was Jimmy Early, played brilliantly by Brandon Lee Sears.

He was clearly an audience favourite too, he lit up the stage whenever he was on.

That said, all of the cast were excellent, no-one seemed to put a foot wrong and every character was a pleasure to watch. 

Nicole Raquel Dennis as Effie was fantastic.

When she sang ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ she received a well deserved standing ovation.

My daughter, who loves to sing, turned to me and said that she thought she could sing, but after that, she’s not so sure! I reassured her that not many singers could sing like that, she was just so good.

As I said, this is now up there as one of our favourites. It was a great night out and you could feel the energy from the audience all evening, everyone enjoyed it. 

Another wonderful show that my daughter and I have shared. I do enjoy our mutual love of musicals and the theatre, already looking forward to our next trip out! 

Dreamgirls is playing at The Alexandra, Birmingham now.

Disclosure: We were gifted tickets to this performance

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