Duck-Feeding, Just The Two Of Us

A couple of days ago, Little Man and I popped to the park and to feed the ducks after we dropped Boo at school. Nothing strange about that, I know, except that to me, it felt really odd. I realised that this was the first time that we’d done this, just the two of us, I mean. Little Man has been on plenty of park trips and seen lots of duck feeding, but we’ve either done it all as a family at the weekends, or I’d always wait for the days that Boo wasn’t at preschool to take them, so that she didn’t miss out.  But she’s at school now, and it only seems fair that Little Man and I have our own adventures and outings like this. We’ve been spending our time going to classes and catching up with friends or happily playing at home, but I see this changing now, as we do like the park…..

He was determined that he’d have to carry the bread, and was pretty pleased with himself for doing so!

feeding the ducks

feeding the ducks2

Ducks fed, we wandered into the park where Little Man could have a good explore and run about. We chatted about the leaves, the trees and he had to run through them and under them, of course….

little man exploring

And on the way back from the car, he found a little rest stop to take in the peace and quiet…

feeding the ducks7

He loved it, I enjoyed getting out in the fresh air with him, so I can see this being a weekly visit from now on. I’m sure we’ll both be happy that.

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26 thoughts on “Duck-Feeding, Just The Two Of Us”

  1. This looks like a lovely day out! I wish we had a little duck pond, there’s something so therapeutic about feeding the ducks!!

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but I love little man’s coat its so cute!

  2. I used to feed the ducks there too. I liked walking along the wall, you know where it has a hidden bit below, so it looks like you could actually fall into the water, but really there’s another little pier? I take my two there whenever I can-th only thing is they’ve now developed a taste for the ford! I love his little face-he looks to have changed already since I saw him last 🙂 x

  3. Ah bless him. I know what you mean, I have two close together in age and haven’t taken the little one anywhere on her own yet, it will be weird when her sister starts school.x

  4. How wonderful to be able to enjoy this time alone together, such a fun to be had from simple outdoor pleasures like feeding the ducks and I love his little resting post. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  5. It is lovely to get one on one time like this, I do enjoy the outings that the wee girl and I have on our own. But I have to admit that I do often wait until they can all go too… Little Man does look pleased to be carrying the bread and I love that last photo of him looking out over the park x

    1. Yes, it just seems fair to wait, but then I recognise that Boo’s having fun at school, so Little Man should have lots of his own adventures, too. Thank you x

  6. Oh how lovely – Little Man looked like he really enjoyed himself and so nice for you to have the one-to-one time with him doing these things too, although I can well imagine that it felt very odd not to have Boo with you too. #CountryKids

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