The Easiest Way to Cook a Chicken

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We love a roast dinner here. But I admit, until recently I had never cooked a whole chicken. I know, I know, I’m odd! We had other meats such as pork, as I shared in my easy-peasy slow cooker pulled pork recipe, or I bought chicken portions. I always worried that the chicken would not be cooked through properly and I wasn’t keen on the amount of room that it took up in my oven. But now I have ‘discovered’ cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker, and I know to some of you this will be sucking eggs (no chicken pun intended), but for those of you who don’t know this one yet, I thought I’d share. This is quite simply the easiest way to cook a chicken, and since discovering it, we are having chicken regularly here.

The Easiest Way to Cook a Chicken

Step by step to cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker or crockpot:

Tear off 4 strips of tin foil and roll them up into balls.

The Easiest Way to Cook a Chicken

Place the 4 balls into the slow cooker, spaced evenly apart.

The Easiest Way to Cook a Chicken

Remove your chicken from the plastic and place it in the slow cooker, balanced on top of the foil. I recommend breast down so that the juices run and keep it moist. Add any seasoning of your choice. I don’t tend to season it and it still tastes good! 

The Easiest Way to Cook a Chicken

Place the lid on and set to cook on low for around 6-8 hours.

The Easiest Way to Cook a Chicken

All done.

I know, how easy? How perfectly lazy?!

Of course instead of foil balls you could place vegetables in the bottom for the chicken to rest upon, thereby cooking yourself some veggies, too.

When you come to dish this up, the meat will literally fall of the bone. In fact, on one occasion, as I went to pick the chicken up, in broke in two!

The meat is so tender and moist, there’s no doubt that it will be thoroughly cooked, you can pop it into the slow cooker and basically ignore it until you want to serve it and you still have your oven free to cook any other roast dinner accompaniments. The dream!

Oh, and if you don’t have a slow cooker, why-ever not? Get one! This is the one I have:

What do you like to cook in your slow cooker?

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